How to Get Life Coach Clients By Finding Your Niche

You have the experience, the expertise, and the certification; now it’s time to officially declare yourself a LIFE COACH. Once you’ve made that declaration, you’re stuck for what to do next. You’re ready, but one things is missing – CLIENTS!

One thought runs through your head – how to get life coach clients! This is like standing on the precipice and wondering about your next giant step. You can call yourself a life coach and you can print up hundreds of business cards that say you’re a life coach, but without clients, you aren’t coaching anyone’s life.

The Biggest Reason People Are Afraid to Enter the Coaching Business

You think you might be pretty good at helping people improve and achieve goals. You think you work well with people and have skills and knowledge to offer. So what! Without customers, you aren’t helping anyone. People are afraid to get into the coaching business because they are afraid to market for customers. They have no clue where to find them, how to get their attention, and how to sign them up. How to get life coach clients is usually a question that new coaches have problems answering.

How to Get Life Coach Clients Won’t Answer Itself

If you sit around and wait for word-of-mouth to bring you people to mentor, you’ll be sitting around for a very long time. Word of mouth can be effective – but only if you have been in the business for a period of time and have a strong base of satisfied customers. Word of mouth doesn’t work when you are just starting out.

Why Creating a Niche Should be Your First Move as a Coach

Before you do anything in the business, you should create a niche. Calling yourself a “life coach” is far too broad. Think of something in the field that really interests you and then do some research to see if there are many competitors in this niche. Perhaps you love music – your niche can be “career coaching for musicians.” Or, perhaps you enjoy empowering women to succeed – your niche could be “Career coaching for executive women.”

Creating a niche gives you a specific place in the field and allows you to carve out a unique and highly competitive position. It also allows you to market to a specific segment and speak directly to the needs of potential customers. Being more specific in your market segment allows you to focus on that specialty and become an expert.

Becoming an expert in a narrowly defined field will usually increase name recognition at a more rapid pace. Name recognition brings us back to word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth marketing will be more effective in a niche segment. When you identify your niche, it is much easier to answer the question: “How to get life coach clients?”

Narrowing your market may seem like you are rejecting a large segment of the population who may need your service, but carefully defining who you are as a mentor and focusing on that aspect of the coaching business will create more interest for your services. It will be easier to answer the question; “How to get life coaching clients?“

Being a big fish in a small pond is better than being a small fish in a big pond! The big fish in the small pond knows how to get life coach clients!

Creating your own niche will make it easier to identify potential customers, speak directly to their needs, and solve the problem of how to get life coach clients.

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    Vitally important topic for coaches at all levels. We as coaches try to ascertain our client passions. This might be a great opportunity to turn the mirror back on ourselves and ask “Who would I be passionate about coaching?”

    Thanks for your post and allowing me to comment.


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