JTS Master Coach Certification Training

A group of new coaches recently completed the 2011 Master Coach Certification Training seminar, led by Jeffrey Sooey. Where Was The Master Coach Certification Training Seminar Held? The Master Coach Certification Training Seminar was held from November 10-13. It took place at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in historic St. Augustine, near Jacksonville, Florida (by the Matanzas bay). It was three days filled with tremendous, cutting edge information. The unique thing about this seminar is that … [Read more...]

What Do Horses and Life Coaching Have In Common?

I am pleasantly surprised to find that it seems like life coaching and horses have a lot in common. When searching the key words “horses” and “life coaching” I found nine different coaching schools who use horses to aid them in their life coach work. Then when reversing the order, I found six more hits. I had no idea I would find so many life coaching programs which use horses in their curriculum. Is It Just a Gimmick to Use Horses in Life Coaching? As far as I can tell it is not a gimmick but … [Read more...]

Questions To Ask Before Deciding On A Life Coach Training School.

If you only had five questions to ask when deciding on a life coach training school what would they be? Below you will find my top five questions and the reasons why. People generally want to know what to expect before embarking on a new venture like enrolling in a life coach training school. It’s the fear of the unknown that frightens people. I assure you, most coaches won’t bite. It’s their job to bring out the best in you and provide you with a good experience. However, below I have … [Read more...]

Career Coach Academy—Surprising New Info Revealed

Before I get into the surprising new trend setting information I found out about Career Coach Academy, I wanted to be sure I understood exactly what a career coach is. Definition of a Career Coach I had a vague idea of what a career coach is, but wanted to make sure my assumptions were correct. So far in my research, I have concluded that a career, or job coach, is someone who specializes in helping people to figure out, find and achieve their desired career. I can imagine with today’s economy … [Read more...]

Leadership Coaching Services Meeting The Need

Recently I was wondering what the differences were between leadership coaching services and executive and corporate coaching services. As far as I can tell they are very similar with only slight variations. What Are The Differences? Top notch leadership coaching services cater to individuals and team leaders. Corporate coaching services have the same target market, but specialize in the corporate world, and helping the company by helping the company’s leadership. Where as leadership … [Read more...]

Coaching Techniques For PDFs

Producing coaching techniques for PDFs can be very beneficial to you and your business. There are many different ideas for content and ways you can package your material. Below are a few ideas to get you started. Ways of Delivery For Coaching Techniques For PDF White Papers: PDF format works well for white papers. As a rule, white paper content is in report, study or guide format. White papers are used to educate and/or solve problems of your readers, giving the needed information for … [Read more...]

Failure And The Success Coach

Failure and the success coach might sound like a contradiction but it’s not. Are you one of the success coaches who is thriving? Don't try to tell me that you haven't had your fair share of failures. Your failure actually helped boost your success. Failure The Key to Success Failure is the key to success whether you are a success coach, any other coach, or even a client. The success coach gets to see this first-hand (not to mention, more often). Your specialty is success, so you know that … [Read more...]

Are Accredited Online Coaching Programs Scams?

I wouldn’t say that accredited online coaching programs are scams, even though at times it might seem like it. There are many good life coaching schools that offer accredited online coaching programs and just as many fine programs that are not accredited. What’s The Big Deal About Accreditation? Choosing the right coaching school will affect your future as a coach. But whether the school is accredited or not should not be your main criteria and here are the reasons why: First off there … [Read more...]

The Con in Content—What’s Stopping Your Life Coaching Business

How many life coaching businessor marketing get rich quick or self-help programs have you bought? If you are anything like me, then you have bought plenty. Have they worked for you? Most likely not. What’s The Con? The con in content is that no matter how great the content is, if you don’t actually do it than you won’t make progress. Like Jedi Master Yoda of Star War fame said to Luke Skywalker “Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.” In other words reading only or trying only will not … [Read more...]

What Are The Coaching Core Competencies?

Coaching core competencies is the skill set that a professional coach must master to be certified. There are many different associations that are working toward getting the profession of coaching acknowledged, regulated and standardized at the National and International levels. The one I am most familiar with is the International Coaches Federation (ICF). One of the things these different associations want to standardize is coaching core competencies, however, since there are so many in … [Read more...]