For the New Coach, It’s a Matter of Does and Don’ts

That’s right for the new coach, it’s a little scary. Do this. Don’t do that. But that is how to separate the coaches, new or old, from the non-coaches. That’s right: does and don’ts. To be effective, a coach, new or old – I mean new or experienced, must have the judgment to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time.

Be Your Own Judge – Do You Really Care or Not

If you conduct yourself as a physician or a priest used to – untouchable in their integrity – then you will be a great coach, guided by your own compass to true north. Yes true north, comforted in the knowledge that it simply exists, even if you have lost your sighting of it from time to time. And then like everyone who has ever been encouraged by their hopes and dreams, you will dare to imagine that you can guide your life, and that of others, by the light of that guiding star.

For All Coaches, New and Old, Must Be Guided By Their Own Hearts

While a new coach may take some time to come to terms with it, they will eventually realize that the guiding principle, the true north if you will, is actually a force acting within their own hearts. Now it is only a matter of having the confidence to listen to the voice within.

The New Coach Faces a Crisis of Faith and Confidence

So we have seen that the new coach is challenged to do the right thing or anything or, worst of all, to cower away and do nothing. Certainly all new coaches must have inspiration and courage. Yet as experienced coaches we must take up our role and offer the guidance and encouragement, that comes from that mixture of knowledge, experience and genuine caring, that we share.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. Anne Perez says

    It’s always hard when starting a new career and its really helps to receive the advice. encouragement and guidance from those who have gone there before you

  2. says

    Great advice you have given here. Coaching is a responsibility. When someone comes to me, I do treat them “like a physician” because my time and their money is valuable. I have been coaching people for a long time. There are certain ethics that one has to keep in mind. l. Your ego does not belong there. 2. You have to put yourself in that person’s shoes. 3. You don’t tell them what to do, but get to dig into their personal goals and encourage that. OK I can write a book here, but the most important thing is that if you don’t haven an answer, get one from someone else by having a great network behind you so you can refer them to the best possible answer to their question.
    Also, never stop learning. A coach’s responsibility is exactly that – to be a teacher and student.
    Thanks for this message

  3. says

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for sharing this post…

    As a Coach, if we are of high moral character and are accountable and genuinely care about our clients and have been able to place our ego in check and have a support group of peers that have been there and accomplished what we seek to accomplish and we, the Coaches take ACTION, we can and will grow into the role of a successful and confident Coach.

    As Donna stated above, it is the responsibility of a Coach to be a continuous learner and always be looking to sharpen and refine their skills.

    As a true Coach, you want to develop a success mindset in your clients and help guide them and encourage them do design the life they desire and in your own Profession to develop leaders and other true Coaches that will be pro-active and learn to trust their hearts.

    To your continued success,

  4. Rio@software application development says

    Starting a new career (not only as a coach) is always a great challenge for any person. But one has to have faith in himself and to be confident of what he’s doing. Otherwise there’s no sense in trying.

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