Client Retention Strategies For Coaches

There are many client retention strategies that can be used to keep your client base loyal and coming back for more. Most people focus the majority of their attention on acquiring clients and building a client base, but they tend to forget about retaining the clients they already have. No, no, NO! Don‘t forget about them!. Even if you are a coaching superstar, a few of your clients may already have one foot out the door. Understanding some basic client retention strategies will help retain those clients and expand your business.

The One Thing To Know About Growing Your Coaching Business

The simplest way to grow your client base is to not lose the ones you have. You are already using marketing strategies; you will most likely add new clients if your efforts are even the slightest bit focused. However, adding one client while losing another, does not make for a growing business. Keep the clients you have and more will follow!

2 Client Retention Strategies That Work For Coaches

1. Build relationships with others coaches in and outside of your niche. Yes, it is a competitive business, but the more you get your name out into the field, the more it will be recognized by other coaches. This name recognition will be beneficial as referrals do come from other coaches.

2. Let go of clients for whom you cannot help ( or who you don’t like). Remember that old war expression: “We had to destroy the village to save it.” Well, sometimes you have to let go of clients to save your business. Working too hard on a few difficult clients may take valuable time away from your other clients. Not all coach/client relationships work. Perhaps it is chemistry or perhaps the communication just isn’t there; whatever the reason, letting disgruntled clients go is one of the hardest client retention strategies to understand.

One positive way to let clients go is by directing them to one of your peers. This is where name recognition plays an important part in your business. Tell them, “I think I have a colleague who has more expertise dealing with your situation.” Or, “My colleague may be a better fit for you.” By doing this, you help yourself, you may be helping your client, and you hope that your colleague will repay the favor down the road.

3 Simple Yet Powerful Client Retention Strategies

* Speak with two or three of your long-term clients and ask them what they like about your coaching and what they don’t like. Tell them to be honest!

* Recognize your clients achievements. Give them a card or a small gift when they receive a promotion, get a new job, lose a certain amount of weight, or achieve their desired goals.

* Frequent communication between sessions can have a positive influence on clients. A quick e-mail or a brief call to see how things are going works wonders as a retention tool.

Having satisfied clients today doesn’t mean you will have them tomorrow. Clients are continually evaluating the benefits they receive from your coaching. Losing a client because they have achieved their goals is the only good reason to lose client.

Client retention strategies are often an overlooked part of business. But to have a successful coaching business, you must learn to evaluate your client retention strategy and keep as focused on this aspect of your business as your are on marketing and promotion.

Give this strategy a try and see for yourself that it works. If you liked this coaching tip, leave a comment or use the handy bookmark buttons below to share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Thanks!

Fred Philips
Business Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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  1. says

    Good post Client Retention Strategies For Coaches.

    It only makes since to keep the clients you have before trying to gain more. If you can’t seem to keep the clients that you already have in place, it almost ridiculous to acquire more when something isn’t working.

    The one part in your article where you mention “Let go of clients for whom you cannot help” reminds my of Timothy Ferriss’s “The 4-Hour Workweek” book, to were he mentions that he was able to become much more profitable after letting certain customers leave.

    Keep sharing valuable information.

    Committed To Your Success!
    Dave and (Dawn) Cook

  2. Jaclyn Castro says

    What a great article on how to keep our retention of our coaching clients. It’s true – the only time it’s okay for a client to leave you is when you have blossomed who they are.

    Most of the time it’s a no-brainer to let go of people who are wasting your time. But sadly, many who are the coach feel like it’ll take away business from the where actually the opposite is true.

    Appreciate your post and bookmarked your site to learn more from you!

    -Jaclyn Castro

  3. says

    Fred, this was a great post, because so many people are always looking on how to get new clients which is a much harder and more expensive effort than retaining current clients. I love that you mention networking with others in your field. I’ve always been a BIG proponent of this! I know a lot of people feel like it’s competition and something to avoid, but I’ve found that it is much more beneficial and lucrative to keep a good, close relationship with those in your industry. Scarcity is a myth and a marketing ploy (an effective one), but I think you and the whole community benefits from working together than trying to have everything for yourself.

    I really enjoy your site!

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