How to Get Coaching Clients From Referrals

Do you often wonder how to get coaching clients from referrals? If you are anything like me then you do. How would you like to get a jump start on getting client referrals for your coaching business? Here are four tried and proven steps on how to get coaching clients from referrals. Four Steps on How to Get Coaching Clients From Referral Step # 1 – Make sure your clients and network know what you do. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not the person with the largest social media network and/or … [Read more...]

Training, Coaching, Mentoring-Similarities and Differences

Many consultants offer their services and might not be sure how to refer to what they offer: training, coaching, mentoring? There are similarities in these services, ways in which they overlap, and yet there are clear differences in approach and definition between the three. Here Are the Similarities in Training, Coaching, Mentoring Those of us involved in any of these practices do it in service to others. As a coach, I want to impart my experiences, expertise, and understanding of certain … [Read more...]

How To Become A Certified Master Coach

If you have already invested time to become a certified coach than becoming a certified Master Coach is the next step. What is a Master Coach? A Master Coach is a coach who has taken a Master Coach course and is now qualified to teach people how to become a coach. The requirements to become a certified Master Coach approved by the ICF The ICF requires coaches to complete a Master Coach course from an ICF approved course, including a certain amount of hours with a Master Coach mentor, and … [Read more...]

To Become a Spiritual Coach or Not?

The phrase ‘become a spiritual coach’ could be threatening, or scary, or not even something you’d want to consider. After all, coaching is about holding your clients accountable, supporting them in moving forward, helping them become successful in their lives. That can be done by using a step by step method that is very straight forward, taking them from point A to point B. Generally the client is expected to reach a tangible result like a new job, more money, a car, etc. Isn’t this enough? How … [Read more...]

A Personal Coach is Not a Guru or a Superhero

The thirst for success, fitness, and happiness leads many to seek out a personal coach. They want YOU; do YOU have what they want? You don’t have to be a guru or superhero to give your clients what they seek. Mystical vision and superpowers are not needed. They don’t expect, need, or want that any of that nonsense. You help develop rather than impose. You give your clients choices and enable them to make their own decisions. You point them to the pathway, but they walk down it. To tread on … [Read more...]

How To Become A Certified Life Coach

There are so many different courses to choose from when considering if you want to become a certified life coach that I would suggest you first decide what things are important to you that you want the course to include. Six Questions to Ask When Considering What Course You Should Take to Become a Certified Life Coach 1. Do you eventually want ICF credentials once you become a certified life coach? If this is important to you then you would need to be sure that the course you are looking at … [Read more...]

Amateur Hour in the World of Business Coaching

Frankly, I have had my fill of amateur-hour business coaching that is not based on years of real-world experience. So let’s cut through the bull shit. If you have read a lot books and your “real world” experience only came during good times, than you simply don’t know anything about running a business. And you certainly aren’t in a position to even have an opinion about how to run a business in times like these. Got it?! Great Coaches Are Almost Never the Best Players Being a great coach … [Read more...]

How To Change Lives With NLP Life Coaching Techniques

Using NLP life coaching techniques can create dramatic results. One of the easiest NLP life coaching tools to learn is the reframe. The reframe on someone’s life looks just like the focus on a camera. Sometimes when people are so close to something, they can’t really see what it is. At other times people are looking at only a portion of the overall picture, and miss out on important information. As a coach, you can shift all that around in minutes. How To Use NLP Life Coaching Techniques To … [Read more...]

How to Determine The Certified Life Coach Salary

The main motivation for a life coach is to help people. However, we do have to consider our survival, so as much as I dislike talking about money, a certified life coach salary is an important topic to consider and one that a lot of coaches struggle with. The Certified Life Coach Salary Since most coaches are their own bosses you can decide what to charge. The average one-on-one coaching rate is $125.00 a session up to $1,500.00 or more, depending on if you are a newbie, how well known you … [Read more...]

Powerful Mentor Skills For New Coaches And Managers

Did you know that 98% of all new coaches and managers lack the mentor skills with the agility to catapult their clients and employees into highly performing leaders where they see immediate returns on their investments? Would you agree that it’s true most new coaches and managers have no clue about how to confidently mentor because they’ve never properly been trained. It’s important for coaching organizations and companies to understand the impact of rusty or nonexistent mentoring skills to … [Read more...]