How To Become A Certified Master Coach

If you have already invested time to become a certified coach than becoming a certified Master Coach is the next step.

What is a Master Coach?

A Master Coach is a coach who has taken a Master Coach course and is now qualified to teach people how to become a coach.

The requirements to become a certified Master Coach approved by the ICF

The ICF requires coaches to complete a Master Coach course from an ICF approved course, including a certain amount of hours with a Master Coach mentor, and to have a minimum of 2,500 coaching experience hours with at least 35 clients. Any other additional information you need you can find on the ICF website.

What are the benefits of Becoming a Certified Master Coach

The extra training will enhance your coaching skills and help your business, not to mention you’ll be able to add those extra letters behind your name (MCC). Having that extra certification also enables you to get a job at an already existing coaching school, to open your own coaching school, or to be able to add this to your list of packages in your coaching business.

What Areas of Coaching Offer Master Coach Certificates

Most all areas of the coaching schools have Master Coach courses available depending on what area you want to specialize in. For example:

There are many schools that major on the basic life coaching skills and then have add on courses for specialized niches, as well as courses that you can take to become a certified Master Coach. The World Coach Institute has such courses.

If you already know you want to become a certified Master Coach in corporate, business, or career coaching, then there are many courses available that specialize in master coaching, including from Corporate Coach U which I did a post on called “What is Coach U?”

There are many specialized coaching methods that you can become a certified master coach in such as Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) or strategic intervention that have coach courses as well as Master Coach training.

Or if you plan to become a certified coach using a University, be sure to check out if they have Master Coach courses available as well.

In Conclusion

To get certified and become a Master Coach could be well worth the time and money, however it is in your best interest to go slow and research all your options so that you get the right course suited for your needs.

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