How To Change Lives With NLP Life Coaching Techniques

Using NLP life coaching techniques can create dramatic results. One of the easiest NLP life coaching tools to learn is the reframe. The reframe on someone’s life looks just like the focus on a camera. Sometimes when people are so close to something, they can’t really see what it is. At other times people are looking at only a portion of the overall picture, and miss out on important information. As a coach, you can shift all that around in minutes. How To Use NLP Life Coaching Techniques To … [Read more...]

A Timely Tip From NLP Life Coaching

NLP life coaching gets the results your client wants with a highly effective combination of NLP, the science of the language of the mind, and the art and technology of coaching.   A skilled NLP practitioner can use NLP to reframe events, remove phobias and cause transformations in a variety of situations.  Recently, Matt Brauning, Founder of Evolution Seminars and Certified Trainer of NLP, taught me a simple concept and technique which may help your NLP life coaching clients understand their … [Read more...]

NLP Life Coaching Techniques: How to Become a Coach Who Transforms Someone’s Life Through a Story

There are many Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP life coaching techniques that provide effective ways how to become a coach who can transform someone within a single coaching session.  One of my favorite NLP life coaching techniques is using post-hypnotic suggestion in the form of a story.  You can become a coach who can transforms people’s lives not only during a session, but have impact that lasts over multiple situations and truly transforms who someone is using NLP life coaching … [Read more...]