How To Change Lives With NLP Life Coaching Techniques

Using NLP life coaching techniques can create dramatic results. One of the easiest NLP life coaching tools to learn is the reframe. The reframe on someone’s life looks just like the focus on a camera. Sometimes when people are so close to something, they can’t really see what it is. At other times people are looking at only a portion of the overall picture, and miss out on important information. As a coach, you can shift all that around in minutes.

How To Use NLP Life Coaching Techniques To Transform Someone’s Life In 5 Minutes

NLP life coaching techniques go below the Pollyanna surface of a problem and get to the roots. Simply saying that things aren’t as bad as they look will not cause lasting transformation. It might get someone to focus on something else for a moment, but for real change to occur you must go deep. Deep meaning getting to the emotional content. NLP coaching is not a rational process.

The first step in the reframe is to understand your client. For example, one of my clients didn’t like the word responsibility. He associated it with pain from his past, uncertainty that he could really be responsible for others effectively, and tried to avoid areas in his life where he might be called on to be responsible. He wanted more out of his life than he was getting, and saw the cost or pain that this view was causing in his life. And he felt it at a fairly deep, emotional level. He was ready to let it go, and decided to reframe his view of responsibility. Instead of having it mean he was responsible for others, he decided he would make it mean that he took personal responsibility for his own life and commitments.

Making the Change Last

With NLP coaching he then visualized the benefits in his life of embracing responsibility in terms of his relationships, work, health, and life goals. By the next session his life had already taken a significant turn for the better. He was more fulfilled and was able to see business opportunities that he couldn’t see the week before. Using NLP life coaching techniques can really help make dramatic changes quickly.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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