How To Become A Certified Life Coach

There are so many different courses to choose from when considering if you want to become a certified life coach that I would suggest you first decide what things are important to you that you want the course to include.

Six Questions to Ask When Considering What Course You Should Take to Become a Certified Life Coach

1. Do you eventually want ICF credentials once you become a certified life coach?

If this is important to you then you would need to be sure that the course you are looking at is ICF approved and that the course will go toward your requirements. Please refer to my post called Looking For a Prestigious Coaching Certification which explains how to know if a school is ICF approved.

2. How much time do you have?

Becoming a certified life coach takes time, and there are a wide range of time frames to choose from–some being as little as 16 hours, and others up to one year. Some courses require you to participate in a certain amount of on line classes, and then you go to a meeting site for an additional amount of days. There are others that require your on-site participation for the entire duration of the course, and others are conducted over tele-conferencing. There are also self-study courses. There is something for everyone so it’s important to consider what you can and can’t do time-wise.

3. What Are The Price Ranges:

There are a wide range of prices of the different coaching courses ranging from $397.00 to $10,000.00, depending on what school you go to and what type of coach you want to become, as well as the length and quality of the course. However, just because the course is expensive does not necessarily mean that it is the best course, and if you can’t afford the more expensive ones there are some excellent ones that are less expensive.

4. Does it have a business program included?

In my life, this was one of the top criteria in choosing the right coach course. However, don’t worry if you are already a certified coach and the course you chose didn’t include a business program, as there are many courses for coaches to help them grow their business.

5. Is it an International course?

To some this may be a mute point, but to me it was very important that the course I took was internationally recognized, as I wanted the option to use my coaching in a global setting.

6. What sort of methodology or philosophy do they teach?

This is maybe the biggest and most diverse question of them all, but an important one. For example, if it is important that the course majors on Neural Linguistic Programming or Strategic Intervention Coaching, or Transformational, or Law of Attraction, or any other type, then it would be important to find that out before investing in your course. I would suggest you research the different kinds and determine what would best suit you before you become a certified life coach.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many things to consider when deciding on what course to take to become a certified life coach. And if you have already become a certified life coach then the next step is to become a Master Coach.

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Dana Bosley
Spiritual Growth Coach
Writing team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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    Check the National Board of Certified Counselors website – they have a new certification for coaches and you can get certified through them by taking a program through the Institute for Life Coaching …

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    Hi Dana,
    I am interested in learning more about becoming a certified life coach. I believe that in today’s world that people would greatly benefit from having one on one interactions with a life coach as opposed to reading a book and hoping that will solve all of their problems.

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