Certified Life Coach Salary – What You Can Expect

“What can I expect to be my certified life coach salary?” is one of the first questions that you might ask. For that matter you also might ask: “Does a life coach make more or less than other types of coaches?” and “How much more if anything will I make if I become a certified coach?” In this post I will shed some light on the answers of each of these questions. But I want to start with the question “Do coaches typically make a salary?” Do Coaches Earn Salaries? Typically the answer is “No.” … [Read more...]

How to Determine The Certified Life Coach Salary

The main motivation for a life coach is to help people. However, we do have to consider our survival, so as much as I dislike talking about money, a certified life coach salary is an important topic to consider and one that a lot of coaches struggle with. The Certified Life Coach Salary Since most coaches are their own bosses you can decide what to charge. The average one-on-one coaching rate is $125.00 a session up to $1,500.00 or more, depending on if you are a newbie, how well known you … [Read more...]