Must You Be Holy to Become a Spiritual Coach?

First, what does it mean to become a spiritual coach? Well, if humans are spiritual beings in physical bodies operating in a material world, and our coaching addresses the whole person then, to some extent, we are all spiritual coaches. Let’s take a closer look at this idea and then get back to that “holiness” business, in a minute. The Operation Was a Success, but the Patient Died Like it or not: if you want to be a successful coach you have to take care of the whole person. And again, like … [Read more...]

To Become a Spiritual Coach or Not?

The phrase ‘become a spiritual coach’ could be threatening, or scary, or not even something you’d want to consider. After all, coaching is about holding your clients accountable, supporting them in moving forward, helping them become successful in their lives. That can be done by using a step by step method that is very straight forward, taking them from point A to point B. Generally the client is expected to reach a tangible result like a new job, more money, a car, etc. Isn’t this enough? How … [Read more...]