Becoming a Life Coach to Make a Difference

When people get stuck and confused about the direction they’re going in their lives, how in the world does becoming a life coach make it possible to make any difference in their desperate quest? Who Benefits From Life Coaching? It’s part of human nature to query who we are and where are we going. Depending on where we find ourselves in our lives when asking those questions, these questions can be overwhelming, even intimidating. People yearn for balance in their lives. They want their lives to … [Read more...]

Make a Difference – Be a Personal Business Coach!

Every great movement begins as a stirring in the heart of an individual. Whether an entrepreneur, a sales professional or a teacher, each will crystallize a vision, share it and move many to action. Or they will not. The difference depends on their access to a master personal coach. A master personal coach who may be YOU. What makes a Master Personal Business Coach? Well, a personal coach is one who focuses their skills on the betterment of an individual. They may be paid by “the company”. The … [Read more...]

Why Become a Coach—Ten Reasons

Five Top Reasons in Answer to The Question: Why Become a Coach? 1. Opportunity to help others: Becoming a coach gives you a chance to help others which is very rewarding. It is a great way to stay intellectually, emotionally and spiritually stimulated while helping others and making a significant and positive contribution to society and your community. 2. Great community: Once you become a coach you will have a amazing community of coaches to become colleagues and friends with. I find all my … [Read more...]

Looking For a Prestigious Coaching Certification

One of the most prestigious coaching certification is from the International Coach Federation, or ICF, or a coaching school approved by the ICF. How to Know if a School Has The Prestigious Coaching Certification To know if a school is approved by the ICF, check if they have a seal or say that they are ICF approved. This means the content of their course meets the ICF standards of ethics and coaching competences. The alphabetical soup you need to be looking for is ACTP (Accredited Coach … [Read more...]

Earn a Superstar Life Coaching Salary

You have decided to take your many years of experience as a professional and step outside the box and become a life coach. There are many reasons to take this step and put your old career behind you. Working as a coach provides you with the opportunity to work for yourself, set your own schedule, and help others achieve their career and lifelong goals. But, how can you get the best and most desirable life coaching salary? How to Get A Superstar Salary as a Life Coach Just hanging a shingle out … [Read more...]

Are You The Success Coach or An Angel Investor?

It may not seem that as the success coach, your job has anything to do with angel investing. After all, isn’t an angel investor someone who backs a business with a nice investment of money? Seems a bit backwards since you’re probably the one getting paid by your client, rather than the other way around. But consider what you do and maybe you’ll agree that the success coaching approach is strikingly similar to angel investing in many ways. What Drives an Angel Investor to Back a … [Read more...]

Do Gurus Over Play Inner Game Coaching Claims For Fame?

Inner game coaching claims made by the famous, highly paid gurus promise huge rewards if you just get yourself to believe that you can take charge and leap over a skyscraper like superwoman to rise above any preventing obstacle that has in the past stopped you cold psychologically like your fears, frustrations, and not only these petty frustrations gurus say you can run right over your addictions and attachments that you find it to be very painful to let go. I’ve heard it said that self … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification: How Important is it?

Depending on whom you ask, some would say that coaching certification is important to have, while others would say that it isn’t. When considering your options, there are questions that you might want to ask yourself and then based on your answers decide whether pursing that particular designation is needed right now, or can be pursed later. Why Do I Need to Have Coaching Certification? One word: Credibility Many would argue that you cannot possibly operate this type of business unless … [Read more...]

A Successful Personal Fitness Coach Puts Mind over Matter

Being a personal fitness coach isn’t just about understanding diet and exercise. It is all about putting mind over matter. You know this is true if you have ever tried to get in shape or lose a bunch of weight. You set your goal, lay out your plan, and nothing happens. Nothing happens because you have not put the power of your subconscious mind to work. Your Drive for Consistency Makes Fitness Impossible Your subconscious mind is driven to make your life consistent with your self-image. If you … [Read more...]

How to Listen When You Become a Life Coach

When you become a life coach you have the opportunity to give others the gift of listening and silence, which is one of the greatest gifts we can give our clients. So many people in the world are seldom truly heard in their life. People long to be heard, and this is one of the special gifts you, as a coach, can bring to the table. Become a life Coach--Become a Great Listener One of the core competencies required when you become a life coach, is that you become an active listener. Only the … [Read more...]