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Use Your Coaching Mentor Skills to Coach the Coaches

Do you have some mad mentor skills? If you think you are an awesome mentor, why not consider ramping up your coaching business and start coaching the coaches? Coaches Need Coaching With the industry growing at a rapid pace, more coaches will need the right training and help to sharpen their coaching skills and competencies. These coaches will need to take accredited coaching programs, attend seminars for new skills and training, and hire mentor coaches to help them enhance and improve … [Read more...]

You Won’t Master Mentoring Skills Overnight

Because mentoring is a big part of the value you offer your coaching clients, mentor skills can be crucial to a coach's success.  Mentor skills are learned through education, experience, and interaction with clients and peers. These skills can often be synonymous with coaching skills. Coaching Tips You Won't Master Mentoring Skills Overnight Learning how to be an effective coach takes hard work and time. Each component of a coach's toolbox takes time to acquire, develop, and perfect. … [Read more...]

Powerful Mentor Skills For New Coaches And Managers

Did you know that 98% of all new coaches and managers lack the mentor skills with the agility to catapult their clients and employees into highly performing leaders where they see immediate returns on their investments? Would you agree that it’s true most new coaches and managers have no clue about how to confidently mentor because they’ve never properly been trained. It’s important for coaching organizations and companies to understand the impact of rusty or nonexistent mentoring skills to … [Read more...]

Top 10 Mentor Skills Your Mentor Should Have

Have you ever considered what personal characteristics and mentor skills you would want in a mentor? Everyone who is successful has had at least one mentor, probably more over time. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to just kind of slip into a mentor-mentee relationship without even realizing it's happening. But often, you want to choose a mentor to help you with something specific. So do you know what to look for in that mentor? Here are my top 10 tips to help you successfully choose your … [Read more...]

Mentor Skills: Wisdom From A TV Reality Competition Coach

Listen in for even the briefest time to any reality competition on television and you will hear the mentor skills of that show’s coach as he demonstrates his coaching strategy.  Some of the coaches, like the ones on The Biggest Loser, seem abusive to me.  Others, like Dr. Phil, can feel punitive or judgmental.  And then there is Tim Gunn, one of my favorite coaches, on Project Runway.  Tim isn’t one of the judges.  He functions mainly as supervisor and mentor to the competitors, and his mentor … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips & Mentor Skills: Keeping People Engaged in the Process of Coaching Long Enough to Make Real Changes

What coaching tips keep clients from dropping out of coaching after they reach a major goal? Why do so many clients start getting complacent somewhere during the coaching process, and what coaching tips can you implement to keep them motivated? I’ve been asked these questions again and again, but what coaching tips really work? Since I’ve had these conversations with my mentor and coach, I looked through my mentor skills file and found the following information. Coaching Tips: The Glass Ceiling … [Read more...]

Mentor Skills: The Added Value You Can Provide by Completing Coaching Training Courses

The Difference Between Coaching Training and Mentor Skills There is a large overlap between coaching skills and mentor skills, and after taking most coaching training courses you should have at least some basic mentor skills.  One of the key differences between skills needed to coach and skills needed to mentor is experience, which gives the mentor credibility.  Experience is the one thing you need to become a mentor that you can’t get from coaching training.  Beyond a sincere interest in … [Read more...]