Live Your Life Like a Dog: Life Lessons From a Personal Coach

A personal coach can give you lessons on living life to the fullest by teaching you to live like a dog. That’s right, one of the keys to a satisfying life is to learn from man‘s best friend!. What can a personal coach teach us about a dog’s life that will help us live our lives to the fullest? Well, you would be surprised how much we can learn from our faithful companions. Dogs can teach us humans the right way to live! 6 Life Lessons From a Dog: The Perspective of a Personal Coach … [Read more...]

Walking the Razor’s Edge as a Personal Coach

Being a personal coach is often filled with stresses, problems, and issues: Marketing for clients Paying the bills Trying to find enough time in the day to balance work, all the energy you give your clients, and a personal life Being a coach can be a pain in the… neck! The Fine Line Between The Problems of Personal Coaching And The Joys of Personal Coaching Coaches walk a "razor’s edge" every day in search of meaning and success. Coaches want a life and career that means … [Read more...]

A Personal Coach is Not a Guru or a Superhero

The thirst for success, fitness, and happiness leads many to seek out a personal coach. They want YOU; do YOU have what they want? You don’t have to be a guru or superhero to give your clients what they seek. Mystical vision and superpowers are not needed. They don’t expect, need, or want that any of that nonsense. You help develop rather than impose. You give your clients choices and enable them to make their own decisions. You point them to the pathway, but they walk down it. To tread on … [Read more...]