Becoming An Executive: A Road That’s Potholed And Bumpy

Becoming an executive can be a long road to travel filled with lots of potholes that makes the ride you’ll take to success bumpy and laden with fear, risk, and pressures unimaginable.

Without a tight inner game psychology, you may never make it to the top. An executive coach will help ease the pain you’ll need to endure by giving you his expert guidance and coaching to keep you in a top executive inner game success mindset, and he’ll speedup your pace to your goal of becoming a top dog.

Let’s explore what some of the inner game challenges may be you’ll need to surmount on your way to rising to an executive position .

The reason why you may be willing to travel such a bumpy road becoming an executive is executives are the best-compensated employees in corporate America. The fastest path to becoming an executive is to start and run your own venture, but becoming a chief executive officer in a large firm may take many years of ball busting work and backbreaking promotions to climb up the ladder to the top levels of your company.

Becoming an executive, you’ll need stellar credentials.

Must haves for success:

  • Impressive resume
  • Extensive portfolio
  • Coveted master’s degree in business administration
  • Compelling cover letter
  • Fitting bachelor of science degree
  • Amplified executive inner game mindset


Be aware that you’ll need to be available around the clock and work after hours, including most weekends. Executives can work up to 80 long and stress filled hours a week. You need to be prepared to let go of your personal plans and live out of your suit case most of the month because you’ll frequently be on the turbulent road to success.

Your executive coach will help you with strategies and tactics to balance your personal and professional life and deal with your inner game issues the best you can with the demands and constraints on your time.


Get a bachelor’s degree in a specialty that will support your dream while becoming an executive in a specific industry. Without a clear vision and mission about where you want to have the biggest impact, you may have to settle for a liberal arts or business degree.

Beyond your undergraduate work, you may need to get your MBA. An MBA is highly coveted among executives because of the broad business perspectives an MBA program offers.

As soon as you know you have a strong drive to reach the top level of business, you need to start working with an executive coach to help you develop strategies for getting to the top faster and with the right amplified executive inner game mindset.

Goal setting:

You have to become a master at setting and achieving your career goals while becoming an executive. As an executive, you will be accountable for setting company goals and executing on them.

Your executive coach will train you how to be accountable and how to set goals for yourself and others and commit to consistently achieving your goals and amplifying your executive mindset.

You’ll learn how to train others on making commitments and who they need to become to be accountable for achieving their goals.

Demonstrating your value:

Organize and keep track of a portfolio of all your work and achievements. Hold onto all of your presentations and published articles, and save them in a presentation portfolio.

Show off your experience and successes with your compelling portfolio when you meet with management to discuss expanding your responsibilities and upgrading your title as you pursue becoming an executive.

Be a promoter of your achievements, talents, and visions. You may choose to raise your visibility through volunteering in your local government, teaching at your local colleges and university and being a guest speaker.

If you have an interest in a specialized industry such as healthcare, target your speaking activities toward the needs of the healthcare industry.

Your executive coach will help you formulate strategies to present yourself in the most beneficial ways along the road to your rise to the top.

Fake it until you make it:

Dress for success as you become an executive. Keep a neat and professional appearance at all times. This will plant in management’s mind you being in an executive position.

Executive coaches stay on top of what’s accepted as the most effective image you need to project given your industry and geographical location where you live and travel.

Getting the executive job

If you haven’t already hired an executive coach to amplify your executive inner game mindset and guide you through your dream of becoming an executive, contact an executive career coach or an executive recruiter when you believe you’re ready to rise to a top dog position or look for another executive position inside or outside your firm.

If there is no open executive position within the company you currently work for, an executive recruiter can help match you with a company that needs your top dog qualifications.

Donald Hunter
Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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  1. marquita herald says

    To be honest, I chose to escape from the corporate world last fall so becoming an executive isn’t on my radar – but I did want to just comment on your post because I’ve certainly worked for plenty of executives in my career and I think you’ve done an excellent job of presenting a realistic menu of what it takes to become an executive. Thanks for the inspiration!

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