Coaching Tricks: The Terror Of You Being Looked Down ON

Reverse psychology is one of those powerful coaching tricks you may need to fool your client with like the threat of humiliation who’s stuck in the mud trembling, dragging their feet and wearing out their shoes in utter fear about leap frogging over obstacles In their path to complete a make-over of their life that they tell you is the number one thing they need in their life, but their gas tank is running on watered down petro when it comes to the power to change or get over the nasty hump in their path.

Now I don’t believe that you should rely on crazy deadly tricks that’ll lead your clients to sit in sweat lodges for hours and hire goons to stop them from leaving to get your client to change or grow up. Plus I have to be completely sure that using a trick like humiliation is based on what my client wants and not what I want for them.

How the terror of humiliation can be used as one of your petrifying coaching tricks?

First, know thy coaching client. Discover ways your client dreads to be perceived in that particular light by their friends, colleagues, family, or significant other, or whoever it is that’s in their peer group that has humiliation power relevant to the coaching your client really needs right now.

Test to verify that this fear would cause your client sheer terror and pain.

Ask your client:

Does this belief cause you massive pain when you focus on it?
Does the belief protect you from massive pain?
If the belief weren’t true, would you experience massive pain?

If your client answers yes to any one of these three humiliation accessing questions, that belief may possibly be used as super terror accessing leverage to power your client into action. Use this coaching trick with care and complete loyalty for your client because coaching tricks can be powerful and dangerous at the same time if they fall into unscrupulous hands.

Now let’s have a little fun with experiential coaching

Keep in mind that There needs to be enough humiliation juice causing your client to feel they don’t want to be perceived in that way. Get your client to commit to do something daring that they wouldn’t normally do if you were not their coach.

Here’s one fun example. You can get your client to dress up in a suit with a tie and go to the mall in the afternoon on Saturday with lots of kids hanging out and have him go into the busy arcade with a hand-full of shiny quarters and play dance, dance revolution, dancing around and wildly flailing his arms and legs screaming nonsense until he runs out of money.

Now you know you can expect that Kids will stop and stare, some will laugh at you, but some will even dare to help you.

This is one humorous example of coaching tricks that’ll creates a since of what it’s like to be looked down upon because you drag yourself reluctantly into a terrifying and embarrassing situation where you force yourself to get over your fear and go with the flow.

Next you should Go onto HULU and watch a Certain Guru’s breakthrough TV shows. One episode has a husband and wife freaking out because the husband can’t get a job and they’re at each other’s throats. She feels threaten because her life has no certainty anymore.

This guru has them Go to skid row and help out in the soup kitchen. They had to live like and dress like their peers on skid row.

The humiliating rule is that this guru wouldn’t let them go home until they got the lesson. That is, that they had to learn the lesson of depending on one another and trusting one another which meant they had to realize who they had become because they had forgot how to depend on each other.

A certain guru is known for his coaching tricks that he designs to humiliate his clients that experientially snap them back into reality about what’s truly important in their lives.

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Donald Hunter
Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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