Would You Want Free Psychology Coaching Training?

Times are tough, money is tight, fees and expenses keep going up, and coaching practices may feel a bit squeezed, but if you were working on becoming a psychology coach, would you want to get free psychology coaching training? You've heard the saying, “you get what you pay for”? So, if you were trained to be a coach with free psychology coaching training, how good do you expect that training to be? How Do You Get Free Coaching Training? Free training can come in many forms, and some of it … [Read more...]

Free Psychology Coaching Training Courtesy Of Def Leppard

I’m sure that the members of Def Leppard would have a laugh if they found out I was writing an article about how one of their songs was the inspiration for free psychology coaching training. Growing up, my sister was the fan. She played all their records and 8-tracks and even went to a few concerts. Recently I came across a post about someone who was trying to figure out what the opening four words of “Rock of Ages” was all about. “Gunter glieben glachen globen.” Growing up in a home where my … [Read more...]