Do You have Coaching Performance Issues?

You’ve been trained, you have the skills, you have a client sitting in front of you – but do you freeze up and suffer coaching performance issues? Do you forget your training and all you learned when it’s time to shine? If this is happening to you, there’s no coaching Viagra you can take. The only way to fix the issue is to take a good look at the problem and figure out how to fix it! Do You Have the Ability to be a Coach? You probably took an inventory of your traits before you became … [Read more...]

Life Coaches are Coaching Performance and Success

If someone mentioned coaching performance and success, you would usually think of athletic coaches or business coaches. Athletic coaches works towards individual and team performance so they can achieve team success; business coaches work with managers to elevate employee performance so team (company) success can be attained. But coaching performance and success isn't just for sports and business coaches – it is also for life coaches. A Life Coach is a Performance Coach A … [Read more...]

Coaching Performance: Gorilla Time Management By Force

Aggressive gorilla time management coaching performance tactics by force is the only way to whip unaccountable coaching clients into shape by pushing them beyond their lazy resistance levels and into clients who become super powers for action and results, and get the things done that they always resist by kicking and screaming when they need to do the dreaded tasks that they fear. Sometime missing a deadline set by your superiors or your customers when getting timely results isn’t optional no … [Read more...]

5 Coach Neuroses To Avoid For Great Coaching Performance

Your level of coaching performance depends on numerous factors, including integrity, mindset, intention and skills. There are also many potential pitfalls you will want to avoid. Borrowing freely and translating loosely from the vocabulary of psychology, here are some coach “neuroses” you may want to keep on your radar. 3 Neuroses commonly affecting coaching performance in new coaches 1) Narcissism–I’m not talking about staring at yourself in the mirror here. I’m talking about being so worried … [Read more...]