Easy Coaching Tricks for Powerful Coaching Sessions

Coaching tricks are an integral part of a coach’s toolbox. They are various types of skills, exercises, strategies, and theories. However, tricks tend to be quick, easy exercises that have a significant impact on a coaching session. These quick tips are often just mere suggestions or changes in attitudes, but can have a positive influence on the results of a coaching session. Coaching Tricks and Tips – the 3 C’s The suggestions all begin with the letter “C” and are very easy to apply … [Read more...]

Coaching Tricks: The Terror Of You Being Looked Down ON

Reverse psychology is one of those powerful coaching tricks you may need to fool your client with like the threat of humiliation who’s stuck in the mud trembling, dragging their feet and wearing out their shoes in utter fear about leap frogging over obstacles In their path to complete a make-over of their life that they tell you is the number one thing they need in their life, but their gas tank is running on watered down petro when it comes to the power to change or get over the nasty hump in … [Read more...]

The Three Most Valuable Coaching Tricks

When someone says here are my three most valuable coaching tricks, I ask what do you mean by coaching and just what is a trick. We won’t open the Pandora’s Box by asking what is coaching. I can only hope that you have an idea of that from my previous posts, or from many other legitimate sources. But as for what is a trick, we will discuss that here. So Just What Are Coaching Tricks? So just what are tricks? Good question. For me, it is the cornerstone of Zen Buddhism. Which is to say, creating … [Read more...]

Coaching Tricks: Use this Secret of the Zen Masters

A secret used by Zen Masters for hundreds of years can be one of your most powerful coaching tricks. In popular conversation, Zen is used to describe a lot of things: simplicity, tranquility, spontaneity. But what I am referring to here is the very specific difference between Zen Buddhism and other forms of Buddhism. This difference lies in the idea that it is possible to trick the mind into spontaneous enlightenment. Here are three ways to apply this concept in your coaching. Ask an … [Read more...]

Coaching Tricks: Three Times to Be the REALLY Bad Cop

It’s nice to be nice to the nice. But unless it delivers the goods it’s not nice, it’s just drivel. That’s why these coaching tricks are worth their weight in gold. Remember, your client pays you with their hard earned cash for RESULTS. Cut off the Bullshit Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a coaching session with your head snapping back. And just before you nodded out, you saw the clock on the wall and realize that your client had been droning on for an entire hour – SAYING … [Read more...]