How to Change Mindset in a Coaching Session

Last week I emailed you about why mindset is everything… ...for you as a coach… ...for your clients… ...and for your coaching business. The point was that helping your clients manage their state of mind… 80% of coaching. How is this ‘state of mind’ defined? It’s a “constellation” of: Thoughts… Your thoughts about what is happening at the moment. Beliefs… Your underlying beliefs about what you deem to be true.The operating beliefs that govern your focus … [Read more...]

Your Coaching Business Dreams Are Being Stolen… Here’s How

Have you ever overestimated how much you can accomplish in a day? ...or a weekend? If you’re an overachiever like me... completely over estimate how much you can accomplish. Only half of it gets done.... ...and at the end of the day you’re exhausted and drained. ...and you feel like there is never enough time. I used to resent my family… ...because I was working while they were having fun. (As if I didn’t have a choice.) But then I learned this awesome … [Read more...]

How to Coach Your Clients Past Their Victim Mentality

I just got off the phone with my coach. He told me to write this down immediately. So at the risk of sounding like a total drama queen... ...I’m sending this to you fresh and raw. So you (or your clients) never repeat the same mistake I just made. After 19 years of trying to ‘make a marriage work’... My spouse and I just divorced. I continued to work on maintaining a good relationship with my ‘ex’ for our children’s benefit… ...especially our now 13 year old … [Read more...]

How to Apply Psychology in Coaching

How to Apply Psychology in Coaching

Very often, we see a strong parallel between life coaching and psychology and even come across the term psychology in coaching. But before exploring how psychology and life coaching are intertwined, it is worthwhile to look at how they differ. Qualification - A psychologist has a doctoral degree in the workings of the mind and the understanding of dynamics that develop between people. They must be licensed in order to practice as well as assess, diagnose, and treat different … [Read more...]

Are You Going Deep With Your Client?

Are you coaching in depth with your client? Chances are, you're skating on the surface of the real issues. Coaches like to say "don't give advice". Don't give advice! There's really nothing wrong with offering advice or solutions, but the problem comes when you do it too early in the process... ...before you actually figure out what's really going on. The Big Coaching Mistake That Keeps Sessions "Superficial" This is one of the big mistakes that coaches make, and it keeps the coaching … [Read more...]

Psychology Life Coach

Psychology Life Coach And Psychologist: How Do They Differ?

One of the most significant similarities between a psychology life coach and a psychologist is they are both in the business of helping people. Although there are differences in their approaches, these two professionals are focused on aiding people in receiving the help they need to live their most authentic lives. To understand how a psychology life coach differs from a psychologist, you must know what they do. Understanding the difference between these two professions will not only help the … [Read more...]

Grief Coaching

How Grief Coaching Could’ve Helped Me

Like most people, I have experienced tragedy in my life; the sudden loss of my second child at infancy was devastating and painful. I went through the grieving process and was supported by loved ones. Having a coach coming alongside to help me work through my pain, would have made a positive impact. Grief Coaching is a relatively new specialty of life coaching which focuses on helping clients transition and adjust to a new reality as a result of their loss. The grieving process is natural, … [Read more...]

Sport Psychology Coaching - Basic Concepts for Coaches

Sport Psychology Coaching – Basic Concepts for Coaches

Sport psychology coaching is an immensely valuable part of today's sports. While trained psychologists are employed throughout the sports industry, it's important for coaches to have a basic understanding of key concepts of sports psychology. The three that I find most helpful are mental visualization, goal setting and self talk. Understanding and applying these techniques will make you a better coach while helping your players succeed. The Mind Body Connection Sport psychology … [Read more...]

Inner Game Coaching – Technique to Improve Performance

Inner Game Coaching can help improve your leadership game or your short game in golf. If you aren't familiar with the term, think of inner game coaching as the kind of coaching that breaks through the lies you tell yourself that prevent you from winning. Tim Gallwey, an expert on the topic says, “There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outer game you are playing. How aware you are of this game can make the difference between success and failure in the outer … [Read more...]

Psychology Life Coaching

The Positivity of Positive Psychology Life Coaching

The influence of positive psychology life coaching is growing and becoming more relevant as coaches and clients seek new ways to reach goals. Life coaching is becoming more inclusive and redefining itself as it becomes more popular. New coaching models continue to push the coaching profession forward. Positivity is Better Than Negativity This statement seems like a no-brainer: positivity is better than negativity. However, being positive is more than just saying nice and encouraging things … [Read more...]