Successful Career Coaching in a No-Jobs World

Career coaching today is helping people make the most of the new world of work, the no-jobs world. Today the idea, that a great career means getting a good job and rising up through the ranks at one corporation, is absolute non-sense. Today, and tomorrow, careers and jobs are not synonymous. And the independent agent is not just king, but may be the last and only one left standing.

Life in the Brave New World outside of the Corporate Womb

At first glance this might seem like an impossible shift, but let’s remember that less than a hundred years ago, the vast majority of people were entrepreneurs, and very few Americans worked for corporations. So in a sense, this is just a large career course correction. But with true entrepreneurialism all but bred out of Americans and without the support of corporate structures, today’s worker desperately needs guidance and structure that career coaching can provide.

Career Coaching Can Guide Us back to the New, Old World of Work

The problem is that most workers are too busy panicking to put this all in perspective. That is exactly where career coaching comes in. Today, career coaches are desperately needed to help re-inject hope into our society. Hope and courage. That is because only by helping people manage their fear and overcome their own self doubts, can we reestablish sanity to our society and our economy.

The Critical Role of the Career Coach Today

The new role of the career coach is a combination of business coach, strategy coach and accountability coach. The career coach’s traditional skills of helping people determine what work they are most likely to be happy doing, must be combined with coaching on solorepreneurship, time and project management, and accountability. In addition, totally new skills in forming dynamic project driven organizations will be critical for anyone wanting to do the kind of work that used to be the realm of the corporation. So you can see that the success of our new, no-job economy lies squarely in the hands of career coaches.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. says

    Excellent post. And a great idea. It is interesting that you make a comparison between the world today and one hundred years ago as I have often wondered about the same thing.

    Back in the days we went from a cottage industry to the manufacturing revolution, from villages to mega metropolis and it seems we are reverting back to our roots when you think of the rising number of home businesses.

    An in a time when people struggle to find jobs, your suggestion of a successful career coaching in a no jobs world is certainly worth considering.

    Keep the Smiles,


  2. says

    Career coaching is a huge topic today. So many jobs have disappeared to changed that we can all use a little help to find the optimal path to take.

    Love your blog.

  3. Rick Lelchuk says

    Very interesting point about entrepreneurship being almost bred out of existence. I believe that as people cannot find work with corporations desperation will force the resurgence of the entrepreneur. There is hope everywhere we turn. Getting a business coach, as my wife and I have just done, will move a business forward faster.

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