Free Psychology Coaching Training Courtesy Of Def Leppard

I’m sure that the members of Def Leppard would have a laugh if they found out I was writing an article about how one of their songs was the inspiration for free psychology coaching training. Growing up, my sister was the fan. She played all their records and 8-tracks and even went to a few concerts. Recently I came across a post about someone who was trying to figure out what the opening four words of “Rock of Ages” was all about. “Gunter glieben glachen globen.” Growing up in a home where my dad spoke some German, I naively assumed it was German and went on. I was too busy trying to play Beatles albums backwards to give it any more thought until recently.

What Does This Jibberish Have To Do With Free Psychology Coaching Training?

You can find all sorts of psychology coaching training for free that describes the brain as a meaning making machine. We constantly seek out to make sense of our world based on what we know. If we can’t figure out something it becomes frustrating and we put more energy into solving the puzzle. When this happens, our brain is cued to remember the question and the outcome. The increased emotion helps us learn at a deeper level than input that isn’t emotionally charged. Just think about it. Can you remember what happened on April 2nd, 2000? Most likely not. I remember that day vividly because it’s the day I got married.

Back to Def Leppard and the first four words of “Rock of Ages”. I read a post recently about a woman who wanted to know what these words meant. She used language such as, “could you demystify this for me?” and “it’s driving me nuts” After all these years of searching do you think she would ever forget what these words meant if they had any meaning?

How To Transform Lives

If you take away anything from this free psychology coaching training it’s that until someone really wants an answer they won’t listen. One of my mentors says, “The ears won’t hear what the mind isn’t ready to accept.” Coaching is more than just throwing out your best stuff at people. It’s about leadership and getting people to see things as their own ideas.

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