Depression Coaching or Therapy – Which One Does Your Client Need?

Depression coaching has become more common as life coaches search for profitable niches and clients seek help for issues that influence their lives and happiness. But, it is important for both the coach and the client to remember that depression coaching is not a substitute for treatment or a treatment method itself. In some ways it might be best to call depression coaches by a different name – perhaps sadness coaches. Sadness V. Depression If you specialize in depression as a life … [Read more...]

Three Secrets for Successful Depression Coaching

As caring coaches, each of us is called, from time to time, to do depression coaching. And while each of us has been discouraged and even depressed, from time to time, few of us live at the darker side of depression. Far from discouragement, much closer to complete despair, some of our clients have been depressed so long that they have forgotten what it is to feel happy or even to have hope. Yes. Hopeless. Without hope. Nearly empty, but for the pain of despair. For these people, be assured that … [Read more...]

Depression Coaching Unlocks Potential | Image by depressionafterpregnancy

Depression Coaching Made Fun And Easy

If depression coaching sounds like a downer, think again. Depression is no different than any state of mind such as happiness, love, or anger. We move through various states throughout the day, consciously or subconsciously. People who have depression just stay in that state enough of their day to affect their lives. Coaching can make a big difference for these folks. Baby Steps To Success The first steps to overcoming depression are to create awareness of the thoughts, the body’s physiology … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching: What Can You Do For Your Depression Coaching Clients

How can you practice psychology coaching without a license?  Do you need a degree to help depression coaching clients?  It actually depends on what you want to do.  For many depression coaching clients a few NLP coaching tips will make a dramatic impact in the way they live.  These NLP strategies are often grouped into psychology coaching, which really helps your clients make choices in how they want to use their brain. Reframing a Clients Beliefs is Powerful NLP Psychology Coaching … [Read more...]