When Attitude is Everything: How Do You Know You’re Giving 100% to Your Life Coaching Business and Your Life Coaching Career

When you’re supposedly living on the edge and expanding your comfort zones, how do you know when you’re really giving 100% to your life coaching business and your life coaching career? There are three ways to gage your life coaching business and your life coaching career; comparing your results with past results, immediate reflection of performance, and deciding ahead of time the results needed to say you are working at 100%. Are You Giving 100% to You Life Coaching Business? Gage Your Current … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business: How to Speak With Confidence, Get Coaching Clients, and Ensure Your Success

The whole world is run on posture; and not just in your life coaching business. It’s funny because we’re so above it. We don’t admit it but that’s what runs our society. It’s the key to how to speak with confidence and success in any other aspect of our lives. We still have to be smart and provide value, but posture is at least as important, if not more important element of success. If you can maintain a superior posture, knowing how to speak with confidence will be second nature and clients … [Read more...]

The ‘New Age Douche-Bag’ Phenomenon in Your Life Coaching Business (And Other Things That Kill Your Coaching Career)

Life coaching business should be fun and fulfilling. Your coaching career is supposed to be something that makes like better and easier for you. Life coaching career equals living the dream, right? There's truth to those statements, no doubt, but there's also a dark side to the life coaching business, which is the hard work and the emotional stress that every life coach goes through in order to become a great coach. The problem is most life coaches are attracted to becoming a coach because … [Read more...]

Coaching Models That Get Clients: Coaching Tips on Finding The Right Coaching Strategy That Pays Off For Your Own Coaching Type

Coaching models are a dime a dozen, but finding coaching tips on the right coaching models for your coaching business are very rare.  The problem with trying to find a good coaching strategy for your coaching practice is that you are unique.  You are a different type of coach and a different type of personality than the coach across the street from you.  This is a big problem if you look to the coaching 'gurus' that are trying to give coaching tips to make you fit into their 'perfect' coaching … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach Who Can Keep Your Imagination From Running Wild: Tips You Can Use to Become a Mentor

If a wild imagination encouraged your quest to become a life coach, why would you want it tame it? Imagining the success you’ll have once you become a life coach is probably what keeps you going. But does your imagination working for you, or against you? Are you aware of your thoughts? Or do your thoughts flow without much consideration of reality? Do you monitor which ones are helpful and which ones hold you back? If so, you’re ready to become a mentor. And if not, you can use these coach … [Read more...]

Habits: The Key to Success in Your Life Coaching Business and Your Life Coaching Income

Habits are key to success in your life coaching business, and to producing a life coaching income. Most of what we do every day is out of habit. Do you ever stop to think about how many things we do on a daily basis that we take for granted? Brushing our hair and teeth, getting dressed before we go outdoors, and even checking our messages, once established requires minimal energy. The key to success in your life coaching business is identifying habits that are holding you back from a successful … [Read more...]

Getting the Most Out of Coaching Courses: What You Are You Missing From Free Coach Training

Coach training and coaching courses are not cheap even though there is a ton of information out there for free. So, why should you pay for coach training and enroll in coaching courses? Will it really pay off? Why do you need to pay for coaching? Why should you make sure you have your clients pay for their coaching? Getting the Most Out of Coach Training: A Social Experiment A couple of years ago a musician was playing his violin in a Washington DC Metro Station in the winter. People came … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach: Becoming a Coach Who Is Not Afraid to Be Honest

is all about honesty.  Without honesty, nothing is possible.  When you become a life coach who is honest, anything is possible.  What becoming a coach is really all about is having the conversations that need to happen; holding nothing back.  So how do you become a life coach who does this? Becoming a Coach Requires You to Be Honest with Yourself First of all become a life coach who is honest with yourself.  Why are you coaching this person?  Is this about them or yourself?  Until you are … [Read more...]

Relationship Coach Training Tips: Becoming a Relationship Coach Who Can Navigate the 4 R’s of Ruined Relationships

requires a lot of skills and knowledge, but if you know the 4 R’s of ruined relationships becoming a relationship coach will be a lot easier.  Knowing these stages will not only help identify which stages are occurring in a relationship, but will help you warn clients of the next stages that will follow unless something changes.  Running from the relationship is not usually the answer, because you take you with you.  But sometimes a relationship coach can make a huge difference even when a … [Read more...]

To Niche or Not To Niche in Your Life Coaching Business: Does a Niche Really Help You Work Out How to Get Life Coach Clients?

Most coaches starting a life coaching business think that determining their niche (or their target market) is the most important key to how to get life coach clients.  NOT TRUE.  And here's the problem, sometimes it IS TRUE!  Are you confused yet?  I certainly was when I first started my life coaching business.  It's really important to know where you stand on the coaching practice niche issue when you think about how to get life coach clients.  Should I start out with a niche in my life … [Read more...]