When Attitude is Everything: How Do You Know You’re Giving 100% to Your Life Coaching Business and Your Life Coaching Career

When you’re supposedly living on the edge and expanding your comfort zones, how do you know when you’re really giving 100% to your life coaching business and your life coaching career? There are three ways to gage your life coaching business and your life coaching career; comparing your results with past results, immediate reflection of performance, and deciding ahead of time the results needed to say you are working at 100%.

Are You Giving 100% to You Life Coaching Business? Gage Your Current Results Against Past Victories

The first way to gage your life coaching business or your life coaching career is to compare your results with those you have received in the past. For example, last month you enrolled 5 new clients and this month you enrolled another 5. But what if during the previous months you enrolled 7? Does this really indicate how much effort you’re putting into your life coaching business? Are there other factors we haven’t looked at? Were there some longer term marketing projects that won’t pay off for a few months?

Build Your Life Coaching Career Through Introspection

Another way to gage your life coaching career is through immediate reflection of your performance. Retrospection is a great way to assess which skills are good, which are great, and which need to be improved right away. This is also a tool you can use to gage your life coaching business results. But it leaves the question open as to which are the key elements you want to focus on to make the 100% effort count. You can run around the same tree at 100%, but it’s not going to advance your life coaching career.

Develop a Standard Ahead of Time to Ensure Your Life Coaching Business Succeeds

Another way of determining if you are playing full out in your life coaching business is to set up the standard ahead of time. At the beginning of the week ask yourself, “What would it take for me to feel that I am prospecting at a level 10 out of 10.” Be honest with yourself. Ask the same question for all the aspects of your life coaching career that you are looking to have a result in for that week or for that day.

There are lots of ways to measure whether you are truly giving 100% to your life coaching business and your life coaching career. In coaching, performing at your best is not just about living on the edge. The key is to be honest with yourself, and continue to expand your comfort zones.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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