The ‘New Age Douche-Bag’ Phenomenon in Your Life Coaching Business (And Other Things That Kill Your Coaching Career)

Life coaching business should be fun and fulfilling. Your coaching career is supposed to be something that makes like better and easier for you. Life coaching career equals living the dream, right? There’s truth to those statements, no doubt, but there’s also a dark side to the life coaching business, which is the hard work and the emotional stress that every life coach goes through in order to become a great coach.

The problem is most life coaches are attracted to becoming a coach because they want to have FUN, and enjoy life, etc., that they are not mentally prepared for the ‘personal growth’ that they’ve got to go through in order to produce real results in the life coaching business. This can make your coaching career feel full of endless suffering and even worse… doubt. Doubt that you even made the right choice to begin your coaching career in the first place.

Life Coaching Business Lies Will Kill Your Coaching Career

Why are you suffering, doubtful, or afraid?

Simple: You’ve been lying to yourself.

If you want to get out of suffering, fear, and doubt in your coaching career, then you’ve got to start with the truth.

Why did you lie in the first place? To motivate yourself to get started? Because you wanted the ego boost of having a ‘prestigious coaching certification’? To put your head in the sand so you could just have fun? To protect your ego from feeling like a failure or lazy? Do you lie to yourself about your life coaching business to look good to others? In your coaching career, you are most likely to lie to yourself first, and then turn around and lie to others. All this lying takes your power to serve and make a real life coaching business future for yourself away from you.

The New Age Douche-Bag Lie And How it Hurts Your Coaching Career

Many coaches like to say, “I just like to live from intention, purpose and intuition”

…but the reality is that you really don’t.

You wave the ‘banner’ of that mentality in your life coaching business and use that statement to make you look good while you do whatever you feel like doing. That’s not living from intention. That just shows how totally weak and selfish you are.

And you thought you were EVOLVED enough to have a great coaching career?

Don’t be a ‘new age douche-bag’! Don’t use ‘new age’ excuses for not doing real work to further your chances to make a difference in your coaching career!

Where are you waving the banner of being such a great committed coach where you’re really not?

Where are you just taking from other people or doing things that are solely egotistical or self serving?

Where are you not giving? Where are you just protecting yourself?

How does all that crap impact your life coaching business?

The Truth That Will Set Your Coaching Business Free

Why wouldn’t you give?

There’s always a 3 year old inside you that wants the ice cream cone. That 3-year old may have driven you to start a life coaching business in the first place.

But if that same 3-year old is hurting your chances now…

Sometimes you have to tell that 3-year old to SHUT UP!

AND (to be fair) sometimes you’ve got to give the three year old a reward for doing good work, and getting the job done. Part of growing your life coaching business should be fun and it should be enjoyable (just not all the time). So notice where you need to be honest about how you’ve been selfish, weak, fearful, lazy, etc., and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Make some mature changes to the way you are willing to operate in your life coaching business from now on. In a few months you’ll start to see the dividends (and your inner 3-year old will thank you for it).

Jeffrey T. Sooey

CEO, JTS Advisors

Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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  1. Making the Best Better Team says

    I couldn’t help but agree on what you have just laid out here. To take your coaching career to the next level you have to be proactive, and do your part!

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