Become a Life Coach: Becoming a Coach Who Is Not Afraid to Be Honest

is all about honesty.  Without honesty, nothing is possible.  When you become a life coach who is honest, anything is possible.  What becoming a coach is really all about is having the conversations that need to happen; holding nothing back.  So how do you become a life coach who does this?

Becoming a Coach Requires You to Be Honest with Yourself

First of all become a life coach who is honest with yourself.  Why are you coaching this person?  Is this about them or yourself?  Until you are ready to put yourself out of the picture and step into their world, you can’t honestly say you are really there for them.  Becoming a coach means entering their world, looking at things from their perspective, and leaving your baggage at the door.

Become a Life Coach Who Holds Their Clients Accountable to Themselves

Next you need to become a life coach who stands for holding your client to being honest with themselves and with you.  Have you ever had a client who can run around in circles with various stories never get to the point?  They will if you let them.  Becoming a coach who helps their clients get past the stories they tell themselves and others allows them to look at their life honestly.  Hold them to their highest level.  No one is ever going to be motivated enough to change their life until they see it for what it is and feel the pain that continuing to live that way causes.

When Becoming a Coach, Think About How You Can Help Your Client Move Forward

Now you are becoming a coach who can go beyond a coffee house conversation.  When you support your clients and allow them to get past their fear of saying what really needs to be said, you become a life coach who is then able to help transform their lives.  Continue to be straight with them, no matter how difficult the conversation.  Bring them back to what is at stake by not moving forward, and what is to be gained by stepping out of their comfort zone.

Put Your Fears Aside and Become A Life Coach Who Takes Risks

Becoming a coach who is really able to transform lives, means getting past all your own fears to be there for you client.  Even if you fall flat on your face by honestly trying something, it’s better than playing it safe.  When you become a life coach who takes risks by being open and honest, you allow your clients the same opportunity.  And when that happens, anything becomes possible.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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