The “Hard to Get” Coach

Many coaches over-coach. It’s understandable. Coaches LOVE Coaching. But OVER-coaching loses you clients. What if, instead, you WITHHELD Coaching? It’s counterintuitive, but withholding coaching… …ATTRACTS MORE CLIENTS. Can you imagine getting more clients (And getting paid more per client)… …because you REFUSED to Coach? It might sound crazy… …like I’m asking you to pull a ‘soup nazi’ on your coaching clients. But withholding coaching is critical if you want a … [Read more...]

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How to Charge For Coaching

A coach recently complained that their potential clients resisted PAYING for coaching… …so she struggled getting them to ‘cross the finish line’, and ENROLL. She said “Giving valuable coaching isn’t my problem… it’s CHARGING for coaching that seems to elude me.” The process of CHARGING for coaching permeates every coaching practice… WHAT to charge? (and what to charge FOR…) How MUCH to charge? HOW to charge? WHEN to charge? UNATTRACTIVE charging practices kill coaching … [Read more...]

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Coaching The ‘Downward Spiral’

Last week we talked about how language creates all the meaning in your client’s life… …and how those meanings dictate their emotions, actions, and results. If your client wants to change their life… …that change starts with their language. Your client’s language falls across two simple ‘spectrums’: Disempowering / Empowering (Negative / Positive)Fantasy / Reality (Truth / Lie) If your client's language is disempowering, it’ll cause major limitations… …while if your client's … [Read more...]

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Giving Advice in a Coaching Session

Recently, team member Kris Thompson wrote about how Coaching Works Best in a “Loop”. His point was “Get ahead of your client through learning and experience so you can ‘lead the way’ more powerfully and authentically”. But it wasn’t more than 24 hours after he shared his message… …when another coach commented “You mean TEACHING works best in a loop. A Coach doesn’t teach”: And I thought “Oh no. Here we go.” (See my response to this comment at the end of the email.) Dogma … [Read more...]

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The Introverted Coach

A new coaching student just quit because they’re afraid to talk to people. And it reminded me how DEADLY fear is to a coaching business. The truth is… even after 22+ years of full-time professional coaching… I’m STILL afraid to talk to you. Perhaps most coaches don’t have this fear of talking to people. Meeting people. …and, yes, COACHING people. But I certainly DO. So why am I still here, a successful coach… …while other coaches quit due to fear? I still had to … [Read more...]

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“Bait & Switch” Coaching Funnel?

Lately I'm seeing “bait & switch” coaching funnels. Here’s how coaches are applying the “bait & switch”: Dangle some precious resource, idea, or service in front of your prospect (the bait)...… to get them to commit time, money, and energy to your coaching. Then, after the prospect has committed (and usually freed from their money)… …give them a second rate product, resource, or coaching service (the switch). Often this bait and switch mechanism … [Read more...]

“Hard” Versus “Easy” Coaching Business

One of the things that comes up for new coaches as they start their coaching business… …is that it starts to become hard. Some things in the coaching business are fun… no doubt. But some of the stuff you’ll do in your coaching business is not about having fun. it’s about: getting the client.handling the financial …you get the idea. The good news? Most people can handle doing some things that aren’t fun. For example, my wife, Maribel, just … [Read more...]

Coaching Business “Easy Button”

Coaching Business “Easy Button”

Last week, I asked you the question… “What if your coaching business was easy?” Today, I'm going to give you my ‘goto’ strategies to make hard things easy. Even if you eat hard things for breakfast… EASY has lots of applications… …not just for your coaching business. You can apply ‘easy’ to your client’s, and anyone else’s life. Think about how ‘easy’ applies to: Business / careerFinancesRelationshipsHealthTimeProblemsGoalsEmotions How many of those areas do you think … [Read more...]

Deep Coaching Tutorial

Last week, we talked about ‘going deep’ with your coaching clients. The idea of pushing past the ‘presented problem’ to see something deeper… …something profound, precious, rare .…just like you would dive beneath the surface to see beyond the ‘tip of the iceberg’. HOW do you go deeper with your client? Here’s an example of a coaching model for going deeper. I call it the Iceberg Model: The Iceberg Model encompasses three ‘domains’ of experience. Each domain can … [Read more...]

Shallow VS. Deep Coaching

Shallow VS. Deep Coaching

When you ask your client “What do you want to work on in your session today?” What do they come up with? …an audacious and inspiring goal or challenge? …or a boring, impotent “nothing-burger”? Most coaches eventually run a few ‘shallow’ sessions. Remember the movie Shallow Hal? “Hal” was only interested in how people looked on the surface. It was limiting his love life. Luckily, along came a ‘deep coach’, Tony Robbins (my original mentor and employer)... …who ‘coached’ … [Read more...]