How to Hold Your Clients Accountable Without Being a B*tch

Holding your client ‘accountable’ sounds like holding them ‘hostage’. It sounds like convicting someone of a crime and punishing them with a prison sentence. I know, I’m a coach. And when I first started my coaching business, I was a hard driving accountability coach. And I helped a lot of people make a lot of money… ...because they got stuff done. Or else the ‘hammer’ would come down... What would I say to get them to take action? ME: “Why didn’t you finish your website … [Read more...]

What is Executive Coaching?

What is Executive Coaching?

Most of the ‘big payday’ coaching I’ve done has been helping businesses support their executive leaders through executive coaching.  It's often a dynamic coaching relationship with one of the 'movers and shakers' of the world. In this video and discussion below I’m going to talk about what executive coaching is. What is executive coaching? Executive coaching is a dialogue and a process that is there to support results for the scope of an executive’s: PerformanceResults and … [Read more...]

Best Selling Author of The Platinum Rule, Tony Alessandra -- Talks About Personality Styles in Business Coaching [SAMPLE ASSESSMENTS INCLUDED]

Best Selling Author of The Platinum Rule, Tony Alessandra — Talks About Personality Styles in Business Coaching [SAMPLE ASSESSMENTS INCLUDED]

In this interview (see the video below) with bestselling author of The Platinum Rule, Tony Alessandra, we discuss personality styles and using psychographic assessments in business coaching.  I met Tony at a recent ICF Conference. Watch this interview if: You are a business coach who would like to attract more business coaching clients…  You’d like to create so much value in so little time with your current business clients that they’ll follow you anywhere…  You want to more deeply … [Read more...]

What Are Coaching Tips?

What Are Coaching Tips?

In the video and discussion below I’m going to explain what coaching tips are, along with a few "levels" of coaching tips. There is a lot of dogma in the coaching world around whether or not a coach should "give advice" (or tips) to clients, and I wrote this to clarify some of those issues. What are coaching tips?   Coaching tips are hacks, strategies, or ways to get from A to B. This includes advice, little answers, strategies, or “how-tos” that can support a coach in doing a … [Read more...]

Quick Coaching Tips: The #1 Skill a Coach Must Develop to Succeed

I know quick coaching tips are a dime a dozen, but this one is critical (and most coaches miss it). I was talking to a friend yesterday about how she was struggling to hold on to her intimate relationship. I asked her "What's your goal?", and she said that she wanted to 'get love' and 'have some attention' from her significant other.  OUCH My response: "Then your relationship is already dead." Why?  Because you can't maintain a strong relationship when your … [Read more...]

Are You Going Deep With Your Client?

Are you coaching in depth with your client? Chances are, you're skating on the surface of the real issues. Coaches like to say "don't give advice". Don't give advice! There's really nothing wrong with offering advice or solutions, but the problem comes when you do it too early in the process... ...before you actually figure out what's really going on. The Big Coaching Mistake That Keeps Sessions "Superficial" This is one of the big mistakes that coaches make, and it keeps the coaching … [Read more...]

What is Coach Training_

What is Coach Training?

In this video (and below) I’m going to explain what coach training is, along with a few ways that you can start your own coach training today. We’ll also discuss three ways you can start your own coach training today: 00:38 What is Coach Training? 2:32 How You Can Start Your Own Coach Training Right Now 2:32 Using Books 3:07 Watching Videos 3:35 Practicing And Applying The Techniques If you want to skip forward to any of these topics, you can click on the (above) time … [Read more...]

Overcoming Fears When Starting a Coaching Business [Live Demo of Accountability Coaching Techniques]

Overcoming Fears When Starting a Coaching Business [Live Demo of Accountability Coaching Techniques]

Been thinking about starting a coaching business, but feel like you're “not ready” to coach? Why do some coaches stop, even when intending to go for it?    Have you ever tried to coach a client that feels like they’re not ready for something?  Why do people become a “deer in the headlights” when starting? Today I’m going to give you a peek inside one of my coaching sessions that focused on overcoming fears around starting a coaching business.  In this session I use Accountability … [Read more...]

Creating a Life Coaching Business - jayne warrilow and the 10 day coaches mba interview with master coach university

Creating a Life Coaching Business (Live Interview With Jayne Warrilow, Author of the 10 Day Coaches MBA)

Have you ever thought that you can be a great coach, but that creating a life coaching business is too challenging for you? Would you rather just do the coaching and leave the selling, administration, marketing, and bean counting to someone else? Do you feel resistant when it’s time to get up and work on your coaching business, or that you really don’t know how to set up your life coaching business? Today I’m sharing an interview that I did with Jayne Warrilow, the author of “The 10-Day … [Read more...]

ICF Credential And Coach Certification Requirements

ICF Certification & ICF Credentialing Requirements (Live Interview With International Coach Federation Assistant Executive Director, George Rogers)

Have you thought about getting your ICF certification in order to launch or accelerate your journey to a successful coaching practice? Do you want a coaching certification but don’t really know where to start, or even what training is legitimate? In this video (and below) I am interviewing George Rogers, the Assistant Executive Director of International Coach Federation that I met at a recent ICF Conference. George is going to tell us the basics that you should know about ICF certification … [Read more...]