Become a Life Coach Who Can Keep Your Imagination From Running Wild: Tips You Can Use to Become a Mentor

If a wild imagination encouraged your quest to become a life coach, why would you want it tame it? Imagining the success you’ll have once you become a life coach is probably what keeps you going. But does your imagination working for you, or against you? Are you aware of your thoughts? Or do your thoughts flow without much consideration of reality? Do you monitor which ones are helpful and which ones hold you back? If so, you’re ready to become a mentor. And if not, you can use these coach training tips on yourself and your clients until you are ready to become a mentor.

Become a Mentor: Start a Journal

The first step to become a life coach and become a mentor who is controls their thoughts is journaling. Just type or write as fast as possible for 3-5 minutes. No spelling, no editing; don’t let your thoughts control you.

Become a Mentor: Use Journaling to Take Charge of Your Thoughts

The next step to become a life coach who helps their clients take charge of their thoughts is to have them use their journaling to bring thoughts into their conscious. To become a mentor, you’ll need to master this for yourself and incorporate it you’re your daily habits. Without a doubt there will be amplifiers, or phrases such as “I hate…” or “I love…” or “I’ll never.” Put these statements on a piece of paper folded in half so you have two long columns. Across from where you wrote the sentences with the amplifiers, re-write the phrase in a softer way. For example, “I hate prospecting” becomes “I’m not in love with prospecting.” You’ll probably even laugh because the new thoughts mismatch with your old beliefs.

What does this do?

It softens and lowers emotional intensity. It doesn’t take all the emotional intensity out of it; it but keeps it more stable. “This is terrible” turns into “Things could be better.” Once you master this, you become a life coach who can turn your life around. And you’ll be able to coach your clients to turn their life around, too. At that point, you can become a mentor.

Become a Mentor: Put Your Thoughts and Plans into Action

The last step is to become a life coach who puts this plan into action. Post the sheet somewhere where you will see it every day, like by your bed or on the bathroom mirror. Go on a 10 day mental diet. These are your consistent bingeing thoughts, and they take your power away. Every day when you look at the sheet remind yourself, “When I think this, I’m going to become conscious of it and use the new language.” At the end of the day give yourself a check. If you miss a day, you need to start over at day one. By the time you do this for 10 days in a row, this will have shifted for you dramatically and you’ll be ready to become a mentor for others. Remember, 10 days in a row. The time you least feel like doing your ritual is when you need it most.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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