Life Coaching Income – How Much Can You Really Make?

You might be wondering how much life coaches make and what type of life coaching income you can earn. Well, I have two words for you: IT DEPENDS! Coaches can make a very good living; five figures up to high six-figures per year! According to, 10 to 20 percent of life coaches make six-figure incomes. However, there is no way you can expect to make that much life coaching income when first starting out in the business. It takes a healthy dose of time and plenty of blood, … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Income: Are You The Tortoise or The Hare?

How you approach your business will affect your life coaching income. There are two main types of life coaching business owners. I like to refer to them as “The Tortoise” and “The Hare.” The motto of the classic story about the turtle and the rabbit who race each other is that slow and steady wins the race. If your style is more similar to the Hare’s style, don’t worry. The race could have gone either way. The key is to identify your style and adapt your business plan to make sure you maximize … [Read more...]

The Triple S Plan To Boost Your Life Coaching Income

Is your life coaching income enough? Can you afford to make coaching your full-time profession, or do you have to stick with another job to pay your bills? If coaching is meaningful in your life, you know it is critical to maximize the income that your coaching brings you so that you can comfortably go on doing it. The triple S plan will supercharge your productivity and in consequence, your income. Systematize All You Can Setting up systems for everything you do repetitively will increase … [Read more...]

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The 5 Most Under-Utilized Tools For Increasing Your Life Coaching Income

Although you can increase your life coaching income in a number of ways, there are tools that coaches often forget during the prospecting or enrolling process that would make a huge difference in their coaching income. These have to do with tools that are readily available to all of us. Voice accounts for 38% of face-to-face communication, and even more with voice-to-voice communication as many life coaches use. Simply synchronizing your voice with your clients’ not only improves your enrollment … [Read more...]

Are You Accidentally Sabotaging Your Life Coaching Income?

Are you a new coach who is feeling discouraged because your life coaching income hasn’t increased as quickly as you expected it to?   Do you wonder why your coaching prospects don’t sign up for coaching with you after a really effective complimentary session?  Do you feel like you’ll never make enough to leave your day job?  What’s going on? . Your life coaching income depends on total commitment from you Right now, you may be thinking you already know that your life coaching income depends … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Income: How Do You Win The Number’s Game?

“How much will my life coaching income be?” is a question I hear often from new coaches and from people considering coaching as a career.  The answer is, it depends.  It depends first on what coaching model you are following.  Let’s look at two possibilities. New Coaches Can Work on Someone Else’s Team One model for earning a life coaching income is to work in someone else’s company.  If someone else is providing you clients, or leads for clients, it eliminates a potential hurdle for you, but … [Read more...]

How to Increase Your Life Coaching Income: Four Ways to Lead New Clients to Your Life Coaching Business

The biggest fear most coaches have about promoting their life coaching business is that they will come across like a used car salesman.  Let’s face it, you probably got into the life coaching business because you wanted to make a difference for others.  Sure you need to be able to create some type of life coaching income, but how do you do it without becoming overly self promotive or pushy?  If you focus on providing what your clients want and need, your life coaching income will increase.  Find … [Read more...]

The Biggest Threat to Your Life Coaching Business: Is Undervaluing the Power of Coaching Limiting Your Life Coaching Income?

What’s The Biggest Risk to Your Life Coaching Income? Of all the risks to your life coaching business, one of the biggest challenges to a decent life coaching income is your own beliefs. Do you really believe coaching is something worth paying for? How are you communicating beliefs with your clients? Here are top three dangers to your life coaching business and solutions to increase your life coaching income. The Three Beliefs that Pose Danger to Your Life Coaching Business and Ways to … [Read more...]

Habits: The Key to Success in Your Life Coaching Business and Your Life Coaching Income

Habits are key to success in your life coaching business, and to producing a life coaching income. Most of what we do every day is out of habit. Do you ever stop to think about how many things we do on a daily basis that we take for granted? Brushing our hair and teeth, getting dressed before we go outdoors, and even checking our messages, once established requires minimal energy. The key to success in your life coaching business is identifying habits that are holding you back from a successful … [Read more...]

Personal Coach Salary Keys: The Pricing and Design of Your Intake Fees and Package For Life Coaching Income

The Final Puzzle Piece in Your Life Coaching Income: The Intake Package When you are thinking about your intake fee, remember that your personal coach salary is affected by everything you do, including this simple little intake fee. What you include or don't include in your intake package can indeed cost you some of your life coaching income. Remember that your life coaching income is based upon your clients’ perception of the value they are getting from the coaching relationship, as well as … [Read more...]