Becoming a Relationship Coach Who Takes On The Biggest Relationship Challenge of All: Relationship Coach Training for the Family Reunion

Have you ever thought if of becoming a relationship coach for a family?  It's not uncommon to be a relationship coach for couples or business partners.  But for the whole family including children, in-laws, parents, aunts and uncles?  It sounds like a daunting task.  But as you think about it, can you imagine all the family gatherings that could be transformed with the help of a relationship coach?  And becoming a relationship coach for the whole family doesn't mean you need everyone together. … [Read more...]

Relationship Coach Training Tips: Becoming a Relationship Coach Who Can Navigate the 4 R’s of Ruined Relationships

requires a lot of skills and knowledge, but if you know the 4 R’s of ruined relationships becoming a relationship coach will be a lot easier.  Knowing these stages will not only help identify which stages are occurring in a relationship, but will help you warn clients of the next stages that will follow unless something changes.  Running from the relationship is not usually the answer, because you take you with you.  But sometimes a relationship coach can make a huge difference even when a … [Read more...]

Relationship Coach Training 101: Becoming a Relationship Coach Who Understands the 3 Levels of a Relationship

The key to becoming a relationship coach is understanding masculine and feminine energy.  Of course men and women have a little of both types.  Becoming a relationship coach who understands the 3 levels of a relationship will help you understand what drives people.  This relationship coach training will take you beyond the basics. Tips for Becoming a Relationship Coach #1: The Macho Man The first level is the macho man.  You don’t have to be a relationship coach to recognize this type.  He … [Read more...]

Becoming a Relationship Coach Who Talks Their Talk: How it Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life Coaching Salary

Do you think becoming a relationship coach who practices what they preach will affect your life coaching salary?  Or do you think just like church and state are separate in our government, in your career, what happens at home stays at home? Start by Cleaning Up Your Own Life And See Changes in Your Life Coaching Salary If you are thinking about becoming a relationship coach, or becoming a relationship coach with a better life coaching salary, you may want to start by cleaning up your own life … [Read more...]