Really Make a Difference – Become a Mentor

What is a mentor? And how and why does one to become a mentor. The concept is almost as old as humanity. The role of the mentor was established in law by Hammurabi in his code, which is recognized as the first codification of civil law, about 1770 BC. The word “mentor” is derived from the name of the person entrusted with the education of Ulysses’ son, when Ulysses went off to fight the Trojan War, in about 1200 BC. The concept was institutionalized down through the ages in every apprenticeship … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach Who Leads by Example: What it Takes to Become a Mentor Who Values Your Own Time

Most people become a life coach so they can help others.  But how can you help others in areas where you yourself are struggling?  The biggest challenge many coaches face is that they don’t value their own time enough to impart that skill to others.  And if you want to become a life coach whose clients value every second of time they have with you, you’re going to have to become a mentor in time management.  And when I say, ‘become a mentor,’ I mean you’re going to have to figure it out for … [Read more...]

The Fastest Way to Become a Life Coach: Become a Mentor For Coaches

I realized that if you want to become a life coach -- a world-class life coach -- the fastest way to improve your skills is to become a mentor for other coaches.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been mentoring coaches training clients, and this week I noticed a few new shifts not only in their skills but mine as well.  By putting myself on the line and deciding to become a mentor for these coaches in training, I have become a life coach who has taken my coaching skills up to a new level. You can … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach Who Can Keep Your Imagination From Running Wild: Tips You Can Use to Become a Mentor

If a wild imagination encouraged your quest to become a life coach, why would you want it tame it? Imagining the success you’ll have once you become a life coach is probably what keeps you going. But does your imagination working for you, or against you? Are you aware of your thoughts? Or do your thoughts flow without much consideration of reality? Do you monitor which ones are helpful and which ones hold you back? If so, you’re ready to become a mentor. And if not, you can use these coach … [Read more...]

Can I Become a Coach if I Don’t Feel Like I Can Become a Mentor

Tell me… What does it take to become a mentor?   Can I become a coach before I have the experience and expertise to become a mentor?   To become a mentor requires knowledge.  A mentor is someone who has "been there, done that".  They are an expert (at least compared to the person they are mentoring).  Becoming a coach doesn’t necessarily mean you are an expert in a given area.  You just need skills and tools for breakthroughs, and of course accountability. Knowing this, let me ask you, can I … [Read more...]