Who’s Going to Drink This Kool-Aid? What’s It Really Going to Take to Have a Successful Life Coaching Business With a Decent Life Coaching Salary?

There is a tipping point in your life coaching business where you work long hours and don’t see anything happening, and then all of a sudden everything falls into place and you’re enjoying all the benefits of your hard work.  At that point, you finally start earning a decent life coaching salary.  Most people never get past that point in their life coaching business, however.  For one reason or another, they get discouraged and give up.  Often right before they get the life coaching salary they … [Read more...]

Relationship Coach Training 101: How To Be a Dating Coach Who Uses the DISC Assessment

Being a relationship coach doesn’t have to be all about helping people with the woes of their marriage.  If it sounds like more fun to be a dating coach, you can go far beyond what a ‘matchmaker’ provides by using the DISC Assessment as a tool to help your clients find their ideal type.  There are patterns that can be quickly used to become a relationship coach who can provide strategy to help people find relationships with a greater probability of success.  If you are looking to be a dating … [Read more...]

How to Become a Personal Success Coach: 5 Success Coaching Strategies You Can Use Right Now

Everyone who goes to a personal success coach for success coaching has a reason they haven’t succeeded. “They have a fear of success or they have a fear of failure.” “Bad luck or other circumstances have prevented them from taking the necessary actions.” And last but not least, “They’ve tried everything and nothing works.” Here are some success coaching strategies you can use as a personal success coach that will help you get people started on a path to success. Success Coaching Strategy #1: Do … [Read more...]

Life Balance Coaching: Taking Your Life Coaching Skills To The Next Level

The main difference between life coaching and life balance coaching is boundaries. In life coaching, we see the possibilities as limitless, without boundaries. However, in life balance coaching, it is necessary to find places to implement some boundaries. Otherwise, what started out as a nice little ride to success can turn into a train wreck. Use Life Balance Coaching to Reach Your Clients in New Ways What does a life without boundaries look like to a life balance coaching client? They may … [Read more...]

Success Coaching: Personal Success Coach Tips to Get People Into Action in 3 Easy Steps

Who do you need to become to be a personal success coach?  How do you program your success coaching clients to help them achieve their goals?  Can you program yourself for success?  How do you provide value as a personal success coach?  What’s the missing link?  When your success coaching clients have motivational problems, it’s from a combination of fear and procrastination Step I: Identify the Role of Personal Beliefs in Success Coaching What drives motivation and how a personal success … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching: Sport Psychology Coaching Makes You Happy?

Psychology coaching tells us that life is all about the art of fulfillment. The whole point of everything you do is to feel happy and fulfilled. Sport psychology coaching focuses upon the science of achievement. Do you have the ability to achieve a measurable result? The whole point of sport psychology coaching is not to FEEL good, but to DO good. Although some sport psychology coaching enthusiasts would say that only when you've done good, you can feel good... and still other psychology … [Read more...]

What Should My Life Coach Fee Be? Setting Prices in Your Life Coaching Business

Life Coach Fee Dilemmas: What to Consider When Starting Your Life Coaching Business   The life coach fee you charge is the one single greatest factor that will impact your life coaching business.  No matter what you are making in your life coaching business at this time, you've got to think of the most important thing when considering your life coach fee: Your Client! This includes: Your coaching client's budget for your life coach fee Your coaching client's motivation to … [Read more...]

Your Life Coaching Business and Your Life Coaching Career: Are They The Same?

What’s the Difference Between Your Life Coaching Career and Your Life Coaching Business, and How Does Education and Marketing Fit Into Your Business? What it takes to be successful in your life coaching business is not necessarily what it takes to have a successful life coaching career. Unfortunately, there are some great coaches who fail in their life coaching business, and there are some very successful businesses that run without great coaches. Often, what it takes to be successful in your … [Read more...]

Wellness Coaching: Become a Weight Loss Coach Who Goes Beyond Motivating Clients to Stick to a ‘Diet’

When I meet with a client for their first session, 9 times out of 10 one of their goals is a wellness coaching issue. Maybe it’s to “become more fit” or “to loose 15 pounds”, but it makes me realize that if someone wants to become a weight loss coach there arw more than enough clients to stay busy. What are the key ingredients to a successful wellness coaching practice, and what is the quickest way to become a weight loss coach? Wellness Coaching Requires You to Discover the True Needs of Your … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach: What You Need to Become a Coach Who Does More Than Just Dabble in Their Coaching Business

Lately, it seems there are a lot of people who want to become a life coach, and they want to know what you need to become a coach. But beyond coaching skills and clients, there is a big gap between wanting to become a life coach and becoming a life coach. What you need to become a coach is to go from “dabbling” in coaching to being fully committed. Don’t Dabble, Become a Life Coach that Commits The reason why most people find it difficult to become a life coach is that most people are … [Read more...]