Taking Your Life Coaching Career To New Heights in 2011

If you want more out of your life coaching career in 2011 than you had in 2010, you need to grow. As Calvin Coolidge said, “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” At the start of a journey, you usually have support. Think about the early world explorers or space shuttle launches. After the launch or send off, however, comes the long lonely process. That is where the challenges and obstacles come up. This same … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Career Lessons From A Blind Boy

I challenge you to see any similarities in your life coaching career and this story.  A blind boy was sitting against a building on a busy city street.  He held up a sign that said, “I’m blind, please help.”  In an upside down hat between his feet some people had thrown a few coins.  A man came up to him and asked if he could take his sign for a moment, and used the back side to create a new message.  Soon the hat began to fill up as people read the sign as they walked by.  When the man came … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Business Blunders: What’s Really Holding You Back from Having the Life Coaching Career of your Dreams

If you feel like you’re working all the time on your life coaching career, yet you still aren’t bringing in new life coaching business at the rate you would like to see, you’re not alone. Many coaches feel the same way. They’ve sacrificed years of their life, only to find that the life coaching career of their dreams seems just out of reach. The reason for this is that most coaches are not running their life coaching businesses like a real business. Why Are YOU in the Life Coaching … [Read more...]

Why Mastermind Groups are a Waste of Time in Growing Your Life Coaching Business: How to Avoid this Life Coaching Career Pitfall

Mastermind groups are a waste of time in growing your life coaching business?  Sound sacrilegious?  Sure, but they are one of the most common pitfalls people fall into at one point or another during their life coaching career.  Here’s why.  A bunch of coaches sit around, usually on the phone, for an hour or so every week and talk about their life coaching businesses.  They support each other in their life coaching career goals.  And over the course of the year it amounts to over 40 hours of … [Read more...]

Give Your Life Coaching Career a Boost: How the Right Name Can Make All the Difference for Your Life Coaching Business

Are you struggling to find a name for your life coaching business?  Or perhaps you are looking for a new domain name to take your life coaching career to the next level?  Shakespeare was wrong when he wrote, “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  A great name could mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars to your life coaching business.  With such importance, it’s no surprise that a lot of coaches spend a good part of their life … [Read more...]

Your Life Coaching Business and Your Life Coaching Career: Are They The Same?

What’s the Difference Between Your Life Coaching Career and Your Life Coaching Business, and How Does Education and Marketing Fit Into Your Business? What it takes to be successful in your life coaching business is not necessarily what it takes to have a successful life coaching career. Unfortunately, there are some great coaches who fail in their life coaching business, and there are some very successful businesses that run without great coaches. Often, what it takes to be successful in your … [Read more...]

When Attitude is Everything: How Do You Know You’re Giving 100% to Your Life Coaching Business and Your Life Coaching Career

When you’re supposedly living on the edge and expanding your comfort zones, how do you know when you’re really giving 100% to your life coaching business and your life coaching career? There are three ways to gage your life coaching business and your life coaching career; comparing your results with past results, immediate reflection of performance, and deciding ahead of time the results needed to say you are working at 100%. Are You Giving 100% to You Life Coaching Business? Gage Your Current … [Read more...]

When You Become a Life Coach Who Creates Unstoppable Confidence in Yourself and Your Clients, Your Life Coaching Career Will Really Take Off

How can you become a life coach who instills confidence in their clients? This Secret Will Take Your Life Ccoaching Career From Average to Great Overnight What is Confidence Anyway? How Can You Impact Clients' Confidence During Your Life Coaching Career? Confidence is merely a state of mind you create through your use of three forces that you control: your Language, your Physiology (how you use your body), and your Beliefs. If you become a life coach who can turn your confidence on when … [Read more...]