Best Coaching Models to Know

Best Coaching Models to Know

Many people are unaware that there are a number of different coaching models that can be used by a coach. It certainly pays to match your coaching style with your client’s needs to get the best results. Let’s have a look at some of these different coaching models. GROW Coaching Model This is one of the best and well-known coaching models which was created by Sir John Whitmore. The GROW coaching model contains the following four major stages in the process: 1. Goal: This is the point … [Read more...]

Use Coaching Models to Improve Your Coaching

What are coaching models? In the simplest terms, a coaching model is process or method that moves your client from where they are at the start to where they want to be. It is a framework and underlying structure of the knowledge, skills, and tools you use when you coach someone. 3 Coaching Models Because coaching covers a broad range of personal and business activities, it integrates many fields of knowledge. Many different models that are used in other fields are incorporated into … [Read more...]

Meditation as a Coaching Model

A coaching model is an approach to coaching. It is a set of principles that guides our engagement with our clients. There are many models in coaching, but one of my favorites is what I call the meditation model of coaching. It is based on the understanding that when we are in touch with our inner selves we are in touch with the farthest reaches of the universe. We are, therefore, in touch with all the answers to all the questions that we might possibly have. In the Mediation Coaching Model, You … [Read more...]

Coaching Models: How Long Is Your Client’s Commitment?

When you are looking at various coaching models, one of the biggest variables is the length of the initial client coaching commitment. You can find anything from a one session at a time commitment, which isn't really much of a commitment at all, to a year long commitment. For some coaching models, like some masterminds, the commitment can be even longer. At JTS Advisors, we use a coaching model of a minimum initial 6 month commitment, after which the client can choose to be coached on a month to … [Read more...]

Coaching Models to Construct Your Own Life Coaching Business: Coaching Skills Application

The Three Things You'll Need in Any of The Successful Coaching Models in Your Own Life Coaching Business Searching for coaching models that will help you understand how your own life coaching business is going to profit and prosper? There are three parts to any of the coaching models that will help your own life coaching business: Coaching Skills (and how to implement them for your coaching clients), Business Skills (and how to use them in your own life coaching business), and Action (keeping … [Read more...]

Coaching Models That Get Clients: Coaching Tips on Finding The Right Coaching Strategy That Pays Off For Your Own Coaching Type

Coaching models are a dime a dozen, but finding coaching tips on the right coaching models for your coaching business are very rare.  The problem with trying to find a good coaching strategy for your coaching practice is that you are unique.  You are a different type of coach and a different type of personality than the coach across the street from you.  This is a big problem if you look to the coaching 'gurus' that are trying to give coaching tips to make you fit into their 'perfect' coaching … [Read more...]