Become a Coach at a Time When We Need it Most

Become a coach at a time when enhancing personal power is needed most. The job market is tough, our country is in debt and lacking strong leaders. When suicide is at the highest percent ever for the cause of death in the U.S. you know we need you. Why do we Need You to Become a Coach at This Time? Try this Meditation: Think about a piece of music --- some great symphony --- we don’t expect it to get better as it develops or that it's whole purpose is to reach the final crescendo. The joy is … [Read more...]

How to Start a Training Alliance For Coaches

Starting a local training alliance for coaches is one way to help assemble local coaches of different stripes, advance the level of coaching in your area, and ensure a continuing education for all coaches. A training alliance for coaches would require teamwork, collaboration, and partnership amongst coaches who are often competing for business. What is a Training Alliance For Coaches? A coaching training alliance would be a group of member coaches who pursue ongoing educational opportunities … [Read more...]

Making It BIG in Psychology Executive Coaching!

If you want to have a big impact and make the big bucks, psychology executive coaching may be your ticket. Executives command big salaries and big stock packages, and their performance has a big influence on the whole organization. They are the impact players, and you can be the impact coach. Here are two keys to success in this specialized field, plus a couple of caveats. Do You Know Your Stuff? Can Your Client Tell? Let’s start with the caveats. First if you want to be successful at … [Read more...]

Is Education Required to Become a Coach Who Makes the Big Money?

To answer the question in the title – technically, no, there is no education required to become a coach who brings in the big bucks. However, education is probably needed if you want to elevate your tax bracket and start hauling in wheelbarrows full of cash. To become a coach, no education is required. You can shout out to the world – Hey, I'm a coach, come get coached by me! Rent an office, hang out a sign, get a telephone listing, start a website, and you can be a coach. However, would you … [Read more...]

Use Diversity Lessons Training Coaching to be Fearless

Diversity lessons training coaching for coaches begins with embracing fear. Coaches must learn to participate with an openness and willingness to receive. Dump all the stories you are carrying with you today, stories meaning reasons of limitation. Diversity lessons training focuses on what you can achieve and the many ways to do it with your clients. Notice a sense of power, presence and “all knowing” come over you before a session. Today I'll share the diversity lessons training coaching … [Read more...]

Things A Personal Executive Coach Might Say And Must Do

Working with a personal executive coach is a sure way to increase productivity, find balance, decrease stress and simply feel happier. Today we explore exactly what this might sound like if you were to witness a personal coach with their executive client. This is What I Need From You Today A personal executive coach must access their inner warrior in sessions with the personal executive coaching client. Executives have got a lot on their plate and they know how to respond to … [Read more...]

Your Training Coach Timeline

If you are training to be a coach, you will undoubtedly have a training coach timeline toward achieving your certification. You will generally have certain classes or modules and proceed toward the end of your course in a logical and coordinated manner. However, there is a totally different training coach timeline, one not mentioned in text books or class materials, but one you will go through in your progress toward the goal of certification and preparation for starting a coaching practice. … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Life Coaching Certificate

What is the value of a life coaching certificate? Does it have any value? Should you shell out several hundred dollars to get trained and certified? The answer to the three questions above: 1.) The value is incalculable and priceless. 2.) Yes. 3.) Yes, again. You may or may not know that you do not need a coaching certificate to be a coach. Though this may change sometime, you do not need any special certifications to be a coach in any state in the nation or any country in the world. You … [Read more...]

Life Coach Pay – Show Me the Money!

Due to the fact that some coaches earn excellent life coach pay, put life and business coaching on its list of “Surprising Six-Figure Jobs.” Not all coaches will jump into a higher tax bracket, but a well-trod path to six-figure income is awaiting those who become life coaches. Life coach pay is always a hot topic for anyone considering life coaching as a career. Hey, money matters, and it is a reasonable concern. It takes at least a decent amount of money to live a good life and … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Selecting Life Coaching Training Courses

Life coaching is about helping people discover their calling, set their priorities, layout their plan, launch themselves into action, and then helping them stay on track. Life coaching training courses must cover these and other areas. Here are three keys to make sure that your life coach training prepares you to be a particularly effective and happy life coach. Live Coaching Effectiveness Can Hinge on Commonalities You can certainly argue that a great coach can successfully coach anyone on … [Read more...]