Use Diversity Lessons Training Coaching to be Fearless

Diversity lessons training coaching for coaches begins with embracing fear. Coaches must learn to participate with an openness and willingness to receive. Dump all the stories you are carrying with you today, stories meaning reasons of limitation. Diversity lessons training focuses on what you can achieve and the many ways to do it with your clients. Notice a sense of power, presence and “all knowing” come over you before a session. Today I’ll share the diversity lessons training coaching insights that have taught me to embrace fear and run sessions with risk and power outside my comfort zone; also known as fearlessness.

Your Energy Fuels The Effectiveness of Your One on One Session

Allow positive energy to consume you as you turn your lights on today and consciously decide to play a bigger game of loving and acknowledging just how beautiful, special, unique and intelligently connected you are. Coaches offer diversity lessons training coaching to clients but often forget to use variety in their own personal preparation and practice before a session.

Notice that you yourself are a miracle that deserves to receive miracles, abundance, love and riches beyond your wildest dreams.
Start every session from a place of concentrated power.
Be as good to you as you are to the nurturing of your clients.

Doesn’t that feel good? In return you accomplish creating an open door for better results in both your life and the possibility for change in your client.

Practice Diversity Lesson Coaching on Yourself to Enhance Your Intuitive Voice

Coaches who practice diversity and utilize new lessons in training their clients through coaching, utilize intuition. Listen to the power of your intuition today. Not your monkey brain.

Your inner witness is saying:

“I want to”
“I love myself”
“I deserve it all and I want to come out to play”

Invite each hour you coach to be more about play, heart, willingness to receive.

You need to be connected to you insight to offer feelings of

  • freedom
  • adventure
  • prosperity
  • leadership

into your sessions like you have never consciously created for your clients before.

Remember to Love And Honor Yourself First

Your openness Is going to teach you hard lessons about your life and your identity. Allow yourself space to grow as a coach and learn about the fears that are limiting you. Don’t be a baby, be a coach who is willing to be the excited leader of your journey. Listen to your inner voice. Write down what you discover as your intuitive side speaks up.

Today you don’t hide. You create new results, for YOU. By focusing on personal diversity lesson coaching on yourself you open the door for new opportunities with your clients.

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
Writing team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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