Become a Coach at a Time When We Need it Most

Become a coach at a time when enhancing personal power is needed most. The job market is tough, our country is in debt and lacking strong leaders. When suicide is at the highest percent ever for the cause of death in the U.S. you know we need you. Why do we Need You to Become a Coach at This Time? Try this Meditation: Think about a piece of music --- some great symphony --- we don’t expect it to get better as it develops or that it's whole purpose is to reach the final crescendo. The joy is … [Read more...]

How to Become a Coach at The Best School For You

Think the time is right for you to become a coach at  a online coaching school? If you are truly thinking of becoming a coach at an online school, there are a few things you need to consider before signing up and shelling out some of your hard-earned cash. Before you decide to jump into classes and start pursuing your coaching certification, you should take a few moments, or even a few days and look deep inside yourself. Take out that proverbial mirror and analyze who you really are, what you … [Read more...]