How Much Is Life Coach Pay?

Life coach pay can be as much or as little as you can imagine. In this post we will look at why there is so much variability, and why your imagination is such a determining factor. We are talking about pay versus income because “life coach pay” is a phrase that a lot of people have searched for on the internet. But while “pay” is not a bad word to search for, it is important to remember that only a relatively small percentage of coaches are paid on an hourly or salary basis — as most other … [Read more...]

Life Coach Pay – Show Me the Money!

Due to the fact that some coaches earn excellent life coach pay, put life and business coaching on its list of “Surprising Six-Figure Jobs.” Not all coaches will jump into a higher tax bracket, but a well-trod path to six-figure income is awaiting those who become life coaches. Life coach pay is always a hot topic for anyone considering life coaching as a career. Hey, money matters, and it is a reasonable concern. It takes at least a decent amount of money to live a good life and … [Read more...]