Your Training Coach Timeline

If you are training to be a coach, you will undoubtedly have a training coach timeline toward achieving your certification. You will generally have certain classes or modules and proceed toward the end of your course in a logical and coordinated manner. However, there is a totally different training coach timeline, one not mentioned in text books or class materials, but one you will go through in your progress toward the goal of certification and preparation for starting a coaching practice. This is the timeline of your feelings, and it can be one wild roller coaster ride.

Your Training Coach Timeline

Apprehension      Excitement  Denial       Exhilaration    Fear     Contentment


Apprehension. When you first start looking for the right training and education, you will feel apprehensive. Am I making the right decision? Am I going to be a good coach? Should I even think of becoming a coach? All good questions – all questions that many others have contemplated. Use this time to peer deep inside your soul to determine if you have the passion and dedication to be a coach.

Excitement. Once you decide on the correct program to launch your coaching career, your apprehension will turn to excitement. Like a kid coming down the stairs on Christmas Day, you will be ready to jump into your classes and unwrap all the knowledge before you.

Denial. Oh, no, why did I pay the money to become a coach? I’m not going to be a very good coach. Who is going to pay me money to coach them?? It is perfectly understandable to be nervous about a new career. Fear of the unknown is a powerful force. This may be the hardest part of your training coach timeline to work through, but perseverance and patience count. See your training program to the end and you will see the rewards of your hard work.

Exhilaration. Once you finish your program and have a certification in hand, you will feel the true joy of achievement. You will think that you are at the end of your training coach timeline, but it is a false end.

Fear. Similar to denial, this is that moment when you realize that you have chosen to be a coach. Most of your training is behind you and you are faced with the reality of earning a living as a coach. Oh no, how do I get clients? Will anyone walk through my office door? At this point, you must summon your inner marketer and get out and promote yourself and your coaching business. Advertise, utilize social media, post on blogs, network, offer free webinars or seminars, speak to local business or specialty groups – do whatever it takes to get your name out to as many people as possible. If you market and promote – they will come.

Contentment. This is at the end of your training coach timeline; the point when you begin to make money as a coach, have good clients, see referrals, and realize that you have a functioning coaching practice. Congratulations – you have made it!

Training coach timelines follow this basic progression. Remember that the majority of coaches have gone through all these feelings and been on the same wild roller coaster as you. Have your eyes on the prize at all times and you will move along your timeline and eventually reach the end. What’s the end? A successful and rewarding coaching practice.

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