What Can You Do With a Life Coaching Certificate?

What can you do with a life coaching certificate? You can do plenty, that's what! You can become a life coach and begin a career filled with exciting opportunities and rewards. However, there is more to your life coaching certificate than meets the eye! What Can You Do With a Life Coaching Certificate? You do not need a life coach certificate to coach professionally. However, having a certificate will make you appear more professional to potential clients, and perhaps attract more new … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Life Coaching Certificate

What is the value of a life coaching certificate? Does it have any value? Should you shell out several hundred dollars to get trained and certified? The answer to the three questions above: 1.) The value is incalculable and priceless. 2.) Yes. 3.) Yes, again. You may or may not know that you do not need a coaching certificate to be a coach. Though this may change sometime, you do not need any special certifications to be a coach in any state in the nation or any country in the world. You … [Read more...]