Become a Coach at a Time When We Need it Most

Become a coach at a time when enhancing personal power is needed most. The job market is tough, our country is in debt and lacking strong leaders. When suicide is at the highest percent ever for the cause of death in the U.S. you know we need you.

Why do we Need You to Become a Coach at This Time?

Try this Meditation:

Think about a piece of music — some great symphony — we don’t expect it to get better as it develops or that it’s whole purpose is to reach the final crescendo. The joy is found in listening to the music in each moment.

Take a few moments to contemplate something you are especially grateful for.  Share with me quickly what that is today in the comments below.  Ok now put that thing you are especially thankful for in your heart center.  Now remove the details of that thing or experience and focus only on the essence that remains. Allow this essence to fill your body and expand through your entire being. Let it direct your life.  Remember this feeling. You can choose it every day, in any moment.

This is why we need you to become a coach at times like this.

Did you feel a shift? Wouldn’t you like to be trained to help people find that space of certainty and joy in their life to help us create a new earth? Would people jump off a bridge if they knew they had someone to meet with each week to find inspiration? If they knew there was someone like you who would become a coach at a time when they need to know someone cares.

You could save someones life, offer them growth and change the world.

Choose Spirit Over the Physical World to Create Change in This Reality

We re-order our lives when we choose spirit over the illusions of physical circumstances. With each choice we make, we either become more involved in the illusionary physical world or we invest energy into the power of spirit. Each time we choose to enhance our internal power we limit the authority of the physical world over our lives, body, health, mind, and spirit.

From an energy point of view any choice that enhances our spirits strengthens our energy field and the stronger our energy field, the fewer our connections to negative people and experiences.

If you want to become a coach at this time you can start to become familiar with what your physical human needs are to better understand how to master them. Then you shift focus to the needs of your spirit to choose perspective in transforming and increasing your energy for life.

What Will it Take From You?

I know how exciting it can be to start contemplating if becoming a life coach at this moment is the right choice for you. I’ve been there and every Monday I mentor young coaches to become who they want to be as a coach at an open and safe learning environment.

It’s gonna take a few things from you to make it happen.

  1. Determination and a strong sense of personal responsibility
  2. Restore inner belief
  3. Simplify self knowledge to promote choice and action
  4. Verify you are capable and allow yourself the space to re-create yourself
  5. Power up and take charge of your physical environment and the environment will change to accommodate the power of your spirit.

As your own spirit takes command the world will also yield to its force. Are you ready to become a life coach at a time when we need it most?

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
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