What Is a Reasonable Training Coach Timeline?

What is a reasonable coach training timeline? That’s easy. Start immediately and continue to learn forever. That might be a bit “macro” for most, so let’s take a closer look. But before we get too far, ask yourself “Why do we say a Medical Practice?” We do it because it is a work in progress. If you are a coach, you have a coaching practice. You are and always will be a work in progress. OK. So now let’s take that closer look. Coaching Training There are two ideas here: first, start … [Read more...]

Your Training Coach Timeline

If you are training to be a coach, you will undoubtedly have a training coach timeline toward achieving your certification. You will generally have certain classes or modules and proceed toward the end of your course in a logical and coordinated manner. However, there is a totally different training coach timeline, one not mentioned in text books or class materials, but one you will go through in your progress toward the goal of certification and preparation for starting a coaching practice. … [Read more...]