What I Love And Dread About My Personal Coach

My personal Coach is my best friend and my enemy all in one sweet package. If you have read any of my previous articles, you know I believe every coach should have a coach of their own. I have a personal trainer, a health coach and dun, dun, dun… a husband to be, my everyday life coach. I love and fear them all in very special ways. Why I Dread my Health Coach During The Holidays I love my health coach because she happens to be my sister in law to be and she is one tough cookie. She points out … [Read more...]

What You Should Know About an Effective Leadership Coaching Program

Investing in a high quality leadership coaching program is therefore necessary for anyone who is keen on success because quality leadership is critical in all aspects of personal and professional life. In order for you to realize the full benefits of a leadership program, you must identify the best leadership coach or trainer. This requires research and consultation with professionals in leadership training as well as those who are going through the program. Your personal preparation is another … [Read more...]

4 Reasons the Republican Candidates Need Leadership Coaching Services

Now that the Republican debates are in full swing and the candidates are making appearances all across the country, it is becoming obvious that the candidates could use some leadership coaching services. If they had a good leadership coach, they would know when to keep their mouths closed! Most candidates for political office are big thinkers, even if they don’t always seem like it on television. Rick Perry may not seem like an astute thinker, but it is doubtful he would have reached the … [Read more...]

Marketing for Coaches: Complaint Marketing

Marketing for coaches, and for everyone else, involves identifying the needs of a group of prospects and then communicating to them that you are the ideal person to help satisfy their needs. Now if your job is to identify customer needs, what could be better and simpler than listening for their complaints? That’s Complaint Marketing. Simple? Yes, but… The secret to Hearing Needs Is Listening for Complaints Listening for complaints, that sounds simple. Sure. But if it is, why do so many of … [Read more...]

Coaching Best Practices: 3 Weird Ways to Get Coaching Clients

Some of the coaching best practices to get coaching clients may seem a bit odd at first, but they are highly effective because they go below the radar that tells people to say 'no' automatically. Most people aren't even aware that their sub-conscious is programmed to say no to any type of sales. Think of the last time someone walked up to you in a department store, asking if there was anything they could do to help you. The natural reaction is "No, thanks." The natural reaction most people have … [Read more...]

Niche Coaching Business: Coaching Attorneys

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the coaching industry, and make money, is to find a niche coaching business. Finding the right niche for your talents and experience is the key to success. When deciding on a niche coaching business, try to find one that is somewhat unique or exists as an unsaturated market. Selecting a segment of coaching with a relatively large pool of potential clients also helps boost the profit potential. One niche that has the potential for growth … [Read more...]

Walking the Razor’s Edge as a Personal Coach

Being a personal coach is often filled with stresses, problems, and issues: Marketing for clients Paying the bills Trying to find enough time in the day to balance work, all the energy you give your clients, and a personal life Being a coach can be a pain in the… neck! The Fine Line Between The Problems of Personal Coaching And The Joys of Personal Coaching Coaches walk a "razor’s edge" every day in search of meaning and success. Coaches want a life and career that means … [Read more...]

Make Group Coaching Your Time Adding Results Machine

Group Coaching makes some coaches and clients nervous. I’m not exactly sure what it is about sharing our deepest desires with a group of people that makes us sweat and shake. Do you think it’s simply the fear of judgment? I have to admit stepping out from the sacred space of my one on one sessions and onto that conference line with a group of people awaiting my coaching left me feeling a little queasy at first too. The pleasure quickly took over and the feeling I just jumped off a high cliff … [Read more...]

How to Build An Executive Coaching Career By Delivering Happiness

Here you go: Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos.com, probably wasn't thinking of building an executive coaching career when he Zappos was in its infancy, but he sure developed a great strategy for building a winning team. I recently had the opportunity to tour the corporate offices in Las Vegas. Had I not seen the culture with my own eyes, it would have been hard to believe that this was the same company that grew from $0 to $1.2 billion in 10 years. Executive Coaching Career Secrets That I Stole … [Read more...]

Coaching Communication Competence: Hearing and Listening

To paraphrase something a Greek philosopher once said, something that is vitally important for coaching communication competence; we have two ears and only one mouth - we should be listening twice as much as we speak. The #1 Tip to be an Superstar Coach Listen. Yes, the most important, numero uno, top dog of all skills to learn if you want to be the greatest coach of all time, is to listen. Ok, the greatest coach of all-time was a bit of hyperbole, but if you listen, you will be a very … [Read more...]