What I Love And Dread About My Personal Coach

My personal Coach is my best friend and my enemy all in one sweet package. If you have read any of my previous articles, you know I believe every coach should have a coach of their own. I have a personal trainer, a health coach and dun, dun, dun… a husband to be, my everyday life coach. I love and fear them all in very special ways.

Why I Dread my Health Coach During The Holidays

I love my health coach because she happens to be my sister in law to be and she is one tough cookie. She points out my excuses and holds me accountable to my goals. It is great to have a health coach that knows me on a personal level and the routine eating that happens in the family.

She is also there for every holiday. Talk about accountability!

Think about what it would be like to take your personal coach with you to your holiday feasts. Just when you would love to let loose and shovel every naughty treat into your mouth you realize the tray of cookies is on their side of the table. Do they have to be right next to my personal coach? Oh geez! She doesn’t really say a word to me, but it did give me a great idea on how to be right there with my own clients during the toughest days of the year.

Food journaling is a great way for your personal coach to hold you accountable during the holidays, if she doesn’t happen to be in the family, like my personal coach. I make sure to ask all of my clients who are focused on their health to keep a food journal and send it to me each week. This is a great way to hold them accountable, talk about their choices and have an overview of why their goals are, or are not, achieved.

The New Year Feels Like a New Start When I Have my Personal Coach

There is something special about January and a new year. As I’m writing this I have one button UN done and I’m dreaming of my sweatpants. In fact I’m going to go put them on right now.

The Gym is the Only Thing Better Then These Sweatpants

My personal fitness coach will kill me if he reads this article, so I had to throw that in. I think the pain I put myself through over the holidays eating too much and lying around makes the pleasure of working out and setting new goals more enjoyable in the New Year. You can learn to associate pain and pleasure mentally in a way that empowers you to make better choices without sabotaging yourself to find motivation.

My personal coach helps me to find motivation to work out by reminding me of how much better I will feel about my body. This is important to me as it relates to the passion I will create in my relationship. He helps me to associate the lack of energy I feel and how this will cause me to experience life limited and far below my potential.

Creating Pain And Pleasure For Yourself to Avoid Hitting Rock Bottom

Pain and pleasure associations are what increase my motivation and why I call my hubby to be my personal coach too. Often times my relationship and the desire I have for it to be successful and abundant forces me to hold myself to a higher standard in my life.

The new year is especially exciting because I know I have my personal coaches waiting to teach, guide and encourage me to live my life to the absolute fullest. So while I may dread the times I have to step out of my comfort zone I love the results I achieve thanks to my personal coach!

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