You Won’t Be Coaching Long Without Coaching Communication Competence

Coaching communication competence is central to the effectiveness of coaching. If you can’t effectively communicate, you aren’t going to be a good coach. If the interaction between coach and client is restrained, reluctant, or repressed in any manner, then the coaching session or sessions will be unlikely to produce the desired outcomes What is Competent Communication? Competent communication is interaction that is viewed as effective in fulfilling specific and general objectives in a … [Read more...]

How do I Find my First Coaching Client?

5 Tips for Greater Coaching Communication Competence

Communication is a two-way street; coaching communication competence not only refers to how coaches impart knowledge to their clients; it also refers to how coaches receive and process communication from their clients. Communication is definitely not a one-way street; if you strive to be a successful coach, measured by both the number of truly satisfied clients and your financial rewards, the information you receive is just as important as the information you send. Communication involves … [Read more...]

Coaching Communication Competence: Hearing and Listening

To paraphrase something a Greek philosopher once said, something that is vitally important for coaching communication competence; we have two ears and only one mouth - we should be listening twice as much as we speak. The #1 Tip to be an Superstar Coach Listen. Yes, the most important, numero uno, top dog of all skills to learn if you want to be the greatest coach of all time, is to listen. Ok, the greatest coach of all-time was a bit of hyperbole, but if you listen, you will be a very … [Read more...]