The 2 Coaching Client Blindspots

Last week I wrote about “The Art of War”... ... and how to overcome the enemy inside you. But how do you help your clients overcome THEIR inner enemy? Your coaching clients usually don’t say… ”I’m self sabotaging and it’s preventing me from achieving my goals.” Instead, they’ll come to you with a laundry list of desires… “I want to make more money.” Or “I want to lose weight.” Why is your client hyper focused on their desires… ...and not the deep-seated problem that … [Read more...]

My Blind Coaching Client Bought a Car?

I was running a discovery session the other day and asked my client this question... “What factors influenced you when you bought your last car?” He told me, “I’m blind.” Embarrassed, I apologized awkwardly... ...until he interrupted me... “But... I have a car.” He went on to describe the leather seats… ...the rims on the wheels… ...the smooth ride. He obviously loved his car. Weird? Yes. He confessed as much… ...that owning a car he couldn’t drive didn’t … [Read more...]

Coaching Best Practices – Youth Sports or Professional Coaching

One of the most important topics for professional coaches is the concept of coaching best practices. Best practices can best be defined as techniques and methods used by a coach that are deemed to be practical and effective when applied to specific coaching situations and engagements. So, to describe what best practices you should use in you professional coaching business, we will look at the best practices of unpaid, untrained, and unprofessional coaches – the youth sports coach. Coaching Best … [Read more...]

Coaching Best Practices: 3 Weird Ways to Get Coaching Clients

Some of the coaching best practices to get coaching clients may seem a bit odd at first, but they are highly effective because they go below the radar that tells people to say 'no' automatically. Most people aren't even aware that their sub-conscious is programmed to say no to any type of sales. Think of the last time someone walked up to you in a department store, asking if there was anything they could do to help you. The natural reaction is "No, thanks." The natural reaction most people have … [Read more...]