Niche Coaching Business: Coaching Attorneys

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the coaching industry, and make money, is to find a niche coaching business. Finding the right niche for your talents and experience is the key to success.

When deciding on a niche coaching business, try to find one that is somewhat unique or exists as an unsaturated market. Selecting a segment of coaching with a relatively large pool of potential clients also helps boost the profit potential.

One niche that has the potential for growth and profit is attorney coaching. There is a extremely large pool of lawyers in every metropolitan area that may have a need for your services. Whether we are experiencing an up or down economy, the need for attorneys never wanes. Every year, thousands of people graduate law school or pass the bar exam. New attorneys need help finding jobs, starting their own practices, and polishing the skills they learned in the halls of academia.

What is the Right Niche Coaching Business For You?

Before you select a niche to call you own, determine if you have enough experience, training, and knowledge in that field to call yourself a coach. If you decide to become an attorney coach, having worked as an attorney is a necessary prerequisite

If you were a young attorney straight out of law school, would you choose a coach who had never practiced as an attorney? You might choose a life coach, an executive coach, or a success coach with no experience in law, but if you were selecting a coach to help you become a better attorney, you would certainly want someone with experience in the field.

The Top 2 Characteristics You Need to be an Attorney Coach

Experience! Having experience as a lawyer is essential if you want to enter this particular niche coaching business. Without that experience, you’ll need to find a different niche!

Passion. No matter what niche you choose in the coaching business, you have to have a passion for it. Even if you no longer want to actively practice law, you must still have a passion for the legal profession in order to coach it. Burnt-out lawyers need not apply for this gig! Passion is the key to doing anything right. Starting a niche coaching business for attorneys requires a passion for law and justice.

6 Ways to Coach Attorneys

  • Coach recent graduates on how to pass the bar exam.
  • Coach speech and presentation skills.
  • Coach research skills
  • Coach organizational and developmental skills as it relates to building a case.
  • Coach arbitration skills as many cases are resolved in arbitration
  • Coach attorney business and marketing practices.

4 Places to Find Work as an Attorney Coach

  • Firms will hire you to work with new partners
  • Firms will hire you to work with new lawyers
  • Firms will hire you to help them market and promote their services
  • Individuals will hire you to help them improve their skills so they can better compete in the market.

If you are a lawyer seeking a change of career, a niche coaching business just might be the answer. By coaching attorneys, you can stay in touch with the legal profession while developing a new career in a growing industry. Coaching attorneys should be one of the hottest niche coaching businesses in the coming years.

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