Why a Niche Coaching Business Doesn’t Work (And What to do About It)

Did you know that nine out of ten coaches that start a niche coaching business fail?   I’ve worked with hundreds of new coaches who wanted to start a niche coaching business, but I almost always tell them not to. Below (and in the video) I'll explain why a niche coaching business doesn’t work and what to do about it.  Check out the video right here (and you’ll see the full transcript and notes below in this article): We’ll also talk about… What to do BEFORE you identify your … [Read more...]

Force Concentration and Finding Your Niche Coaching Business

A lot of coaches are so skilled, that they don't feel the need to create a niche coaching business. They feel confident enough about their skills and expertise to coach almost anyone who comes looking for help. This often leads others to wonder about the necessity of specializing and finding a specific coaching niche, when it seems like you can have more to offer and you can gain more clients if you remain as a generalist coach. It may seem counterintuitive to narrow your focus down, since this … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Niche Coaching Businesses

How can you find the right niche coaching business? There are a million theories on how you can figure out your place in the coaching industry. Becoming a big fish in a small pond, is one way to have a profitable coaching business, but what will work for you? What is a Niche Coaching Business? A niche business is one that is a smaller sub-segment of a larger market. A life coach is a segment of the coaching business. A life coach for working women is a smaller sub-segment of life … [Read more...]

Niche Coaching Business: Coaching Attorneys

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the coaching industry, and make money, is to find a niche coaching business. Finding the right niche for your talents and experience is the key to success. When deciding on a niche coaching business, try to find one that is somewhat unique or exists as an unsaturated market. Selecting a segment of coaching with a relatively large pool of potential clients also helps boost the profit potential. One niche that has the potential for growth … [Read more...]