Make a Difference – Be a Personal Business Coach!

Every great movement begins as a stirring in the heart of an individual. Whether an entrepreneur, a sales professional or a teacher, each will crystallize a vision, share it and move many to action. Or they will not. The difference depends on their access to a master personal coach. A master personal coach who may be YOU. What makes a Master Personal Business Coach? Well, a personal coach is one who focuses their skills on the betterment of an individual. They may be paid by “the company”. The … [Read more...]

Business Coaching to Help Your Personal Business Coach Clients Stay Flexible When Dealing With Tough Problems

In business coaching, your personal business coach clients will have many challenges.  Problems are normal, natural parts of business.  As a personal business coach, help your clients separate fact from fiction.  A fact is something that is fixed and not changeable.  A problem or challenge is something that can be solved.  You can do something about it.  In order to make a change your business coaching client needs to stay flexible.  Here are some ways to help them do so. Business Coaching:  … [Read more...]

Business Coaching: Help Your Personal Business Coach Clients Become Wealthy Through Contribution

When your business coaching or personal business coach client contributes value to others, they deserve to keep some of that value for themselves. Many of your personal business coach clients don’t really understand how money and wealth works. That is why they need your business coaching to create wealth and financial freedom for their families. We will consider how all money comes from wealth of some kind. We will also consider how to create wealth, not through tricks or dishonesty, but through … [Read more...]

Help Your Business Coaching or Personal Business Coach Clients Learn How To Leverage Their Time

All of your business coaching or personal business coach clients need to learn how to leverage their time. One of the most effective ways for your business coaching clients to leverage their time is to hire assistants or consultants on an as-needed basis. You, as a personal business coach, are a consultant. Typically, consultants charge between $25 and $300 an hour to provide is highly specialized help. Many of your business coaching clients will hire a consultant, rather than an employee, to do … [Read more...]